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Game Design Interview

As I was looking through some of my backup DVDs this morning, I found an interview I did back in December with Dale Rogers, a teacher at Nashville State Community College. Dale wanted to have it to show to his multimedia design class. In the interview, I talk about game…

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Telepath RPG Chapter 3 Trailer

For those of you who haven’t seen it yet, I uploaded a trailer for the latest Telepath RPG game a few weeks ago. Here it is, for your viewing pleasure: While the game is still very much in-progress, there is a public in-browser demo of Telepath RPG Chapter 3 available…

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Welcome to the new site design!

Hey guys, as you have no doubt noticed, I’ve redesigned the web site with the help of my friend Dale. The goal is to make it more focused and easier to use. (Because it’s in blog style, it’ll also make it way easier for me to post updates.) I’ve decided…

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