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This was apparently the month of 48-hour game design competitions–the things were just everywhere. I was ambushed by one this weekend asĀ  tried to work on Telepath Psy Arena 2. The bad news is, the Ludum Dare competition pulled me away for a couple of days. The good news is,…

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Ham Sandwich RPG on RockPaperShotgun!

Well, this is exciting: RockPaperShotgun has just run a piece on the RPGDX 48-Hour Competition, and they give prominent mention to Ham Sandwich RPG! I always like this kind of community experimental games compos. RPGDX have finished their 48 Hour RPG competition, where developers attempt to do everything on a…

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Ham Sandwich RPG!

No, this isn’t a prank–I actually made a game called Ham Sandwich RPG. Honest. It was for the RPGDX Side-Scrolling Mini-RPG Summer 2009 Competition, a 48-hour competition that challenges you to create an entire RPG in one sleepless weekend. Luckily, I had Tyler Schmal around to help me out by…

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