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Archive for February, 2010

The TSoG GUI Update!

It’s finally here! I think you will all be pleased to know that Telepath RPG: Servants of God has been updated with a lovely, brand-new GUI that spans all areas of the game. The second crypt has been added as well, along with a few other goodies: a more customizable battle GUI window that has […]

The Top 6 Reasons to Support Indie RPGs

This topic has been addressed before by other people, but in light of recent news, I figured I’d compile a list that takes certain, ah, new factors into account. So let’s say that you have some disposable income, and that you’re trying to decide whether to spend it on big studio games or indie RPGs. […]

Interview with GameDevHub

I thought you might like to know that has published an interview with me about game development and Telepath RPG: Servants of God in particular. Here’s an excerpt: GDH: When you begin development of a game, what area do you start with? For example, with the Telepath games, had you created the Cera Bella […]

Forum and GUI Updates

First, some new forums info: posting on the old forums is now disabled. The old forums still remain available to read, however, so you can find the old threads you liked and restart the discussion on the new forums if you have the urge. Second, the GUI update is getting very close to dropping! Here […]

New forums!

Exciting news! We now have locally hosted forums, which means: no more annoying ads on the forums, no more random forum crashes that I can’t do anything about, no more word count limits on posts! I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty thrilled about it. Go ahead and register and let’s get to work […]

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