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New portraits!

When the first downloadable demo hits, you can expect some really nice renditions of the various characters based on Lethal Laurie’s designs. Here’s a sneak peek:

Don’t count out dialog in games.

Someone please enlighten me: what is with indie game designers who come out with one visually pleasing game, then decide that they are the Lords of Game Design, with the authority to insist that every game must rely on visuals to communicate its underlying message?

It’s coming…

Meaner enemy AI, sound effects, the finished GUI–in a few days, the first downloadable demo for Telepath RPG: Servants of God will be yours. Keep an eye out for it! 😉

Telepath RPG now Nerf RPG!

I just received an email last night from Hasbro–apparently, I’ve been approved for a generous corporate grant to continue designing games full-time! In exchange, I need to do a little re-tooling of the Telepath RPG series. From now on, these games are Nerf RPG. Most of the changes will be…

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