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Telepath Tactics Kickstarter campaign is go!

Telepath Tactics has a new thing going for it, folks! It starts with a ‘K’ and ends with an ‘ickstarter,’ and it’s going to let me make this game everything that it can be. I am, of course, talking about a website that you should visit immediately. If you don’t…

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Telepath Tactics November 2012 update

Hello folks, and welcome to another update on the development of Telepath Tactics! Lots of great stuff has happened over the previous month. First, the title theme music is now complete and in-game. Second, Benn Marion has the game’s title screen art almost done: Pretty, no? The biggest substantive change…

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Unpredictability and control in turn-based combat: an examination

Unpredictability makes art interesting. Twists of plot, unconventional characterizations, and surprising character development engage a reader’s imagination; unique instrumentation, sudden shifts in time signature, or an unexpected chord progression delight the ear. So is it with games. Exploration, experimentation, discovery: all of these depend upon unpredictability, on gaps in the…

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