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Tutorial: Making a Telepath Tactics Campaign, Part 21

<< Continued from Part 20 Creating a campaign that’s challenging, interesting, and fun One of my longtime fans on the Sinister Design forums recently asked me to write a tutorial entry talking not just about how to create a Telepath Tactics campaign, but how to create one that’s challenging, interesting, and fun. What follows is […]

Tutorial: Making a Telepath Tactics Campaign, Part 20

<< Continued from Part 19 A. Intro to making new attacks And we’re back! Now it’s time to learn how to make your own custom attacks. Telepath Tactics comes with a pretty wide variety of attacks, so it’s easy to get by without making your own custom attacks for the most part. Sooner or later, […]

Tutorial: Making a Telepath Tactics Campaign, Part 19

<< Continued from Part 18 A. Intro to destructible object script triggers Now it’s time to learn about script triggers you can stick on destructible objects! These triggers are a way for you to turn normal destructible objects into traps, buttons, switches, etc. The way we do this is by attaching a trigger to an […]

Tutorial: Making a Telepath Tactics Campaign, Part 18

<< Continued from Part 17 A. Creating a destructible object Destructible objects are the inanimate, interactive things you see on the battlefield: walls, doors, bushes, boulders, bridges, barricades, and so on. Anything that isn’t a character–but can still be damaged or destroyed–is a destructible object. As it happens, we already know 95% of what we […]

Tutorial: Making a Telepath Tactics Campaign, Part 17

<< Continued from Part 16 A. Creating a script The time has come for us to learn about scripts! For those of you who already know how to program: scripts are basically just functions. For those of you who don’t: you know how we can add script actions to branches of dialogue? A script is […]

Telepath Tactics soundtrack released

Attention everyone: the Telepath Tactics soundtrack has been released! Featuring 25 tracks (most of ’em by the extremely talented Ryan Richko, and with a couple of contributions by yours truly), this OST contains more than an hour of gorgeous orchestrated music. Priced at $5, this album is an absolute steal–and a must-have for anybody looking […]

Tutorial: Making a Telepath Tactics Campaign, Part 16

<< Continued from Part 15 A. Creating a new item icon We’ve been delving deep into scripting stuff these past few tutorials, but we still haven’t talked about one of the most fundamental things you can mod in the game: items! Let’s talk about those now. We’ll start by talking about icons. You can always […]

Telepath Tactics: 24 Tips for Survival!

With the release of Telepath Tactics imminent, I thought this might be a good time to post a guide to surviving the game! Telepath Tactics is designed to be highly challenging, with a difficulty level pitched more toward the “strategy RPG veteran” end of the spectrum. If you’re not that experienced, or else just getting […]

Tutorial: Making a Telepath Tactics Campaign, Part 15

<< Continued from Part 14 A. Using SetStat with numerical stats Now that we’ve covered the basics of creating custom variables, altering their values, and using them to impact dialogue trees, it’s time to talk about doing these same things with character stats! Character stats consist of character-specific information such as maximum health, current level, […]

Tutorial: Making a Telepath Tactics Campaign, Part 14

<< Continued from Part 13 A. Special characters in dialogue: -STR:- Welcome back! Now that we know how to create and set variables, it’s time to make those variables actually impact the game. The first way we can make custom variables impact the game is to display them in dialogue. How? Easy! There are special […]

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