January 3, 2010

Crypt 2: In progress!

Hey guys, a quick update–I’m working on a devious new crypt for you all! Progress is slow, however, as my dad’s been in the hospital the past few weeks, and I’ve been visiting him every day. Still, things are coming along, and I hope to have the thing playable by next week.

  • Derek

    cant blame you my dad was in the hospital i couldnt do homework or play games while he was in the hospital

  • saw

    You should make it so that cult soilders are waiting for you because they dont want another crypt robbed

  • KZ

    Nice to hear a new crypt is in development-a bit more puzzle-related fun in TRPG3/TSoG will do it good- I also hope it’s larger than the previous one!
    Sorry to hear about your dad- hope he gets better!

  • TheQ

    Hope your dad gets better soon!

  • Derek

    tell your dad that your fans hope he gets better

  • saw

    Forgot to tell your dad to get better, and i know how it feels. Mine is in the hospital too. I can barely talk in the hospital.

  • sinister55

    wishing your dad the best of health and you the best of luck

  • Pete

    Bummer… sorry I can’t empathize too well, considering my dad hasn’t been, but sorry to hear, and all the best. I’m sure Crypt 2 will be great.

  • i love telepath rpg games. they rule. sorry to hear about ur dad. i hope he gets better soon. i can’t wait till the game is finished. i hope you can get over him being in the hospital, but from ur latest updateim pretty sure he is doing better. ur #1 or close to that fan, paco79.

  • i can’t wait for crypt 2

  • u should make a TSOG game for the ds or wii

  • it would be a #1 hit!

  • Dorgon 5000

    But when is the game finished and how many quests will it have? I haven´t looked at it so much, I´m not going to start playing until it has music and all that, it won´t be the same thing without it.

  • Maybe you could give a bonus to those who have studied their Haitian history and make ‘Francois’ one of the cheat names.

  • Zhampir

    1. To create a console game, not just a flash-based browser, it takes a team, nay, an army of programmers to write the game, besides that the money and resources required to purchase copyrights, distribution, and advertise such a game is astronomical, so I don’t foresee a TRPG console game anywhere in the near future.

    2. This game is in a demo phase, a supreme demo phase, in comparison to the other games, this one (which in my opinion has already far surpassed the others) still has a long way to go. As far as I know there is only one man working on the core of this project. Ideas are/were flying on the forums about new quests, new monsters, and new quests involving those monsters, there are entire cities and dungeons left to be coded, and you have the audacity to ask when this game will be finished and how many quests there will be? The nerve of impatience these days.

    3. Why would you cheat in this game? There’s no need for it. With the proper training in the deeper downs your hero can become an unstoppable god in no time. Not that I’m disowning that one’s knowledge about the origins of this game should have benefits but those should come as Easter eggs, little happy surprises that ultra-fans go ballistic over. I don’t think that it should be something that can be abused to get ahead in the game.

  • Bishop

    How do you come trough the crypt 1? im stuck