January 20, 2010

Forum Issues

Our old forum host has issued something of an ultimatum: all users must upgrade their forums by January 31st or face deletion. Unfortunately, the upgrade process is not working, and our host hasn’t responded to requests for technical support.

Right now, I’m looking into creating new, ad-free forums hosted here on the site for you guys. In the meantime, if there are any posts you want to save, now is the time to back them up! To help out, I’ve created a Fan Fiction page on the wiki to serve as a transitional home for all of the cool stories, poems, and game missions you guys have made.

In other news, my dad is home and recovering well. I’m back from spending a week watching over him, and will continue working on the game.

UPDATE: I’ve finally gotten the upgrade process working! The forums have moved to here for the time being.

  • KZ

    Great to hear your dad’s better!

    Ah, shame with the forums! Folks, if you’re registered members or wish to help sinister-design, why not go copy-paste your threads and info and safely secure it onto the wiki before the time runs out! Together we’ll be able to save much more of the forums that were there for over 2.5 years!

  • jake

    that is awesome about your dad!

  • im so happy for u and ur dad. i will try my best for the forum

  • LethalLaurie

    Wait, what happened to your dad?