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Telepath Tactics Bugs / Vague bugs
« on: June 21, 2015, 05:54:30 AM »
Some bugs and some I'm not certain. I play on the mac version:

Inventory. Each time I reload the save, items that I moved previously to other characters get respawned. I had the --dark flying demon artist, had looted a bow before, I give it to the bowman, try the scenario, fail, reload, repeat, new bow on the flyer and now I already have four iron bows.

Also on inventory: at one point I had a spare axe, played and lost and it had disappaeared from inventory on a reload. Somehow I think the saving and loading is not pure, I feel that when I fail and restart a scenario, some things are not loaded from scratch but the previous attempt affects it.

Make it possible to save the inventory before the battle. Really frustrating each time when I load it up, I have to redistribute everything.

General slugglishess, probably the rain effect makes it reaaaallly slow on mac. Early scenarios were fast, but now at the bridge and on the previous battle, I have my animations on turbo ,but everything feels really cumbersome, mousemovements, all.

Not neccessary a bug: Playing in casual mode where I shouldn't lose characters, but I think the engineer has disappeared here at bridge. Strange. Maybe it is part of the plot.

Hunch: felt like I've missed some dialogue around 4th or 5th battle, tried not skipping any, but suddenly some scenario started like I should've know what was going on.

sorry for the vagueness. I'll add detailes later on once I spot them better, just have to write these off my mind.
I want to love this game, but the constant inventory rearragement at each retry of a battle starts to feel tad frustrating.

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