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Forum Games / funny pictures
« on: May 27, 2010, 07:25:44 PM »
the name says it all. post pictures that you think are funny and forum appropriate.

Forum Games / Hell quest
« on: May 23, 2010, 11:04:13 AM »
Hell quest into
In the distance a deep rumble is heard.  In seconds a great chasm opens up as you are all swallowed.  Falling, your skin is torn from your bodies as you boil from the inside.  A great demon appears before you and the immense torture of the underworld begins to take hold.  You cry out as a great fire consumes your body, leaving you as living corpses.  It seems as if this torture will never end and your only hope is to remove yourselves from a cognitive life.  Some go mad and begin to cannibalize whats left of themselves while others break at a slower pace.  Was it worth it?  Was finding out what hell is truly like really worth this torture?  A ray of hope shines and in the distance a light breaks through the earth.  Running towards it, it seems as if paradise has been found.  As you sit in the hall of the demon king you wonder what will happen to you when he returns to his lair.  But for now, you can only hope to escape the madness.
You fall to the floor and begin to repent but in the midst of your sorrow the demon king finds your cowardly form on the floor of his lair. Because of your insolence you are punished severely.  One hundred years later the demon king runs out of ways to torture you so he releases you to the pits of hell where you are maimed and further disfigured by the demons who reside there.  A look in a shiny rock shows that not one member of your sorry group holds a shred of your old appearance.  There is no hair on your body, it has been burned off, there is no skin on your body, for it has been torn off, there are no organs in your body, they have been dismembered in front of your own eyes, your hand are stubs, your feet are torn and your muscles are thin and almost nonexistent.  You lost all of life's pleasure ages ago as the only thing you can hear is a high pitched screaming.  The only sight you see is an infernal blaze that torments your very soul.  The only smell is a horrid stench that is over powering and mind numbing. The only taste is that of ash, death and decay as your entire being is rotting from the inside and burning from the outside.

And now, you are inaugurated into the tortures of hell.

notice log:
 June 12 12:35AM-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
{Just a little notice that is directed to everybody but was brought to my attention based on Mad's most recent post.  Don't jump the gun on your posts.  If you just say something along the lines of "I planted traps and killed everybody" then not only will we loose an entire section of the story, people will also tend to ignore your posts because it lacks description and plot.}  {Mad- Since this portion of the story IS branched off into separate arks.  I will have to ask you to edit your post to follow a more realistic path.}

I would like to hold off on rejoining our stories until all or most of the major players have posted their branches.  When that happens, I will create a large portion of the story much like in my first post to tie everything together using your posts.  If by some cruel twist of fate I am not around to do that,  that duty will fall to Duskling or Steelfist.  My only request if such a scenario happens is that the portion of the story you create is around the same length as the first post is.  You can call this a checkpoint of sorts where we head on to the next "season" of the "game"

I would also like to mention that your knowledge is separate from your characters knowledge.  We are narrators of the story who know what all the characters thoughts and feelings are.  Our knowledge is only limited when it comes to the thoughts and feelings of other people's characters.  We each have our own characters and there are very few instances when one of us can decide the thoughts and feelings of everyone's characters. also don't be afraid to edit your ark until they are all tied into one story again.

as of June 11, 11:06 PM Hell quest is officially over.  I will be taking some time to write an intro to heaven quest.

Forum Games / the alphabet game (updated)
« on: May 15, 2010, 11:37:41 AM »
The rules are simple. every time you post every word in your sentence has to start with a certain letter. that letter is the letter in the alphabet that follows the previous posters letter.  x and z will be skipped.  I will start with the letter A the next poster will have the letter B and then the one after that has C.  The goal is to create the most unusual sentence possible within your own post.

Alah's apples ate Aaron's ants after apprehending Amazonian aunts.

running update zone

Also just a reminder,   YOU HAVE TO MAKE COMPLETE SENTENCES!!!!!!!  this means correct punctuation.  I'll use you as an example Duskling.

Orange organisms or origins ornate oatmeal.  <--- not a statement.
Orange organisms or Origin's ornate oatmeal?  <--- Doesn't it work much better as a question? Also correct me if I'm wrong but it seems to only work if you use "origin" as the name of a person or thing.

Wishing I was here a few posts ago but great job on the first round of the game guys.  A few slip ups here and there but for the most part it was great! also slang terms are aloud to be used since most of them are common knowledge.  Hyphens are also allowed but no-over-hyphenating-when-everyone-knows-that-the-word-has no-hyphens-just-so-you-can-say-whatever-you-want.  k thx bye.

May 19, 2010, 09:48:13 PM - round 1 end
May 25, 2010, 08:36:27 PM - round 2 end

Gray zone
as much as i hate to admit it, certain people are either very easily confused or determined to just play the game wrong.  I'll be keeping a running tab of who has made mistakes and what sort of mistake it is so you and other can benefit in the future as well as the page number the mistake is on and the last edit date of the post at the time i found the mistake (don't want people to just edit their posts and complain that they have been wrongly accused now do i? ;)).  mistakes can be using the wrong letter, not making complete sentences, using multiple starting letters (a in the and other words like that are not allowed unless you have that specific starting letter.) and various other problems.  If you think you have been wrongly accused then just msg me prove me wrong and i'll remove you name and post a few words of apology.

name- page, edit date:problem
.:Light-God:. and Eratz Man- page 2, no edit dates: used the wrong starting letter.  
.:Light-God:.- page 3, no edit dates: used the wrong starting letter.

TSoG / voice acting
« on: April 20, 2010, 04:16:43 PM »
#    Putting together the script for voice actors (134 pages so far!)     10:06 PM Apr 7th  via web   

So do you need people to fill rolls? I'm quite good at voice acting :)

General Discussion / Breaking Records
« on: April 15, 2010, 01:34:55 PM »
Just noticed we broke the record for most people online at once.  Good job guys lets do it again!  Also does anybody know the record for most guests online at one time?  Last time I saw it it was just at 22.

Forum Games / Train of thought
« on: April 02, 2010, 04:41:53 PM »
The game is simple, whenever you post, you first say a few words to a paragraph about the topic that the person above you wrote, then you yourself post a topic for the next person to respond to.  There is an element of chance to this as in you never know what the mental capacity and/or randomness of the person posting before you will be.
EDIT  please have at least two full sentences for your response.  Anything less just isn't much to laugh about or take seriously.
Example: (first post) Topic: TSoG

(second post) TSoG (Telepath: Sons of God) is a tactical strategy game that is currently under production.  The creator, Craig Stern, has made four other games that are related to this one.

Topic: Bunnies!

Ok so here's the first official topic.

Topic: Quantum mechanics.  (Don't hate me XP)

TRPG2 / money glitch
« on: March 31, 2010, 09:01:51 PM »
do any of you remember that old glitch where you could get millions of gold by making use of the dual system? i heard about the malignus easter egg and i want to check it out but not have to grind for the money.

General Discussion / idea gambling
« on: March 31, 2010, 07:13:25 PM »
i was lying around just thinking and it suddenly occurred to me "what is it that brings people to post their ideas on forums?"  i thought about myself and i realized that every time i couldn't think of a solid reason for it or against it (or more reasons leaning towards one way or another) i just took a gamble.  one of the most recent examples is my very short lived "rant room" idea.  i ended up finding an online dice program and assigning a reason for or against it to a numeric value and then just rolled the dice. (i rolled a two and the reason was that it might turn into something fun and exiting).  this very idea was even subject to a gamble. i flipped a coin and if i could call it and get the call right i would post it. what I'm getting at though, is do any of you use methods to help you decide whether or not you will post an idea? do you just hold your tongue when you have an idea and never bring it to life or do you just post everything you think of and hope for the best?  or do you weigh the idea and look at it intellectually and if you can't come to a decision, gamble with it and leave it to chance.

General Discussion / Signature origins
« on: March 30, 2010, 12:44:01 PM »
that almost looks like zeratul in your siggy. are you perhaps into starcraft?

Forum Games / signature awards.
« on: March 29, 2010, 01:01:26 PM »
no matter where you go(in the world of forums) one thing is always a constant. signatures. so i thought to myself "oh what a wonderful world" haha just kidding. what i was really thinking is that perhaps we could share some memorable signatures that have become well known, are witty or just totally outrageous. as well as posting our own personal favorite use for our signatures (whether it be links or what not).
i enjoy posting links to threads of some importance to me in my signature. if i have sufficient space i will also put some kind of witty saying. in case you dont get the joke behind it, the first word of each line in the "poem" spells out "you just lost the game." also, don't deny it. it just happened.

TSoG / TSoG testing crew(first post updated)
« on: March 28, 2010, 12:56:28 PM »
i got this idea from a recent post i made.  since there are a variety of things in this game that could have multiple outcomes, and a variety of glitches and bugs. why not have an official testing crew to find the truth?

also if you would like to join just say so in here for now.

As of now KZ is the leader of this group.  I created a banner and I will post the most recent version here.
Aside from the words on the banner, this is pretty much the final version.  If anybody on here wants a different picture to be used then just send me a link to it.  Also I still need a title for Mike, Tas and Smart.
I left the previous version here for comparison! I like the improvements I made :)
The finished banner will have a different background as well as a founding date and the name of the forum along the bottom (I might be able to put a hyperlink on it but I'm not sure if it'll work.)  Also it will be aesthetically pleasing (the pictures and the names will line up)
I decided to make my own portrait TRPG themed so I didn't stick out as much ^_^'

Here is a to do list courtesy of KZ
There are several areas that can be filled and researched:
-for instance, one can go ahead with the high money stat and create numerous sub-games to verify the minimal levels for aptitude, personality and psy power required to complete each side quest (Umma, Arman, Mahboob, Al'al, Crypts, etc)
-one can also go searching for bugs (like I've been doing recently) by verifying whether the cut-scenes work properly- that is to say, see if the right cut-scene appears depending on which member of the team is dead (this applies to prison break, bandit mission, labour rescue cut-scenes)
-one can go and look through all the different texts to see wherether there are bits which are cut-off (ie sentnec not finished) or typos present (in the most different of places- in the menu, in the battle-objectives sreen, in dialogue, world map, etc)
-one can test the enemy AI- take one unit and then set up many different combinations (backstab opportunities, kill oportunities, distance-related movement, etc) in Map Editor and find any situations where the enemy AI can really be imrpoved
-one can also check out the dialogue branching trees- see if all the options work and that there are no incorrect connections, that the right actions/effects follow the word choices, etc (for instance, I just did this with the Azma Lair dialogue, had about 10 games running simulatneously to see that the tree was working right)
-one can also, through trial and error in map editor (by using the in-game team), see what the formula's for damage are for each of the attacks, as well as verifying and collecting enemy stats
-one can also go through the wiki, article by article and try to standardise the information, correct mistakes, add extra information
-one can go through the old forums and find threads which led to the general forum populace agreeing on certain things (e.g. meaning of Shadowling colour, their structure, the pseudo-scientific basis for the elemental attacks and shields) which have been more or less integrated into TSoG (like explanations for attacks)

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