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TSoG Wish List / Easter Egg- Forum Battles
« on: June 21, 2010, 02:24:20 PM »
I had a great idea! edit: That will never make it into the game!
What if, after we beat, say, the fifth crypt, if we find a secret passage and avoid invisible spike traps, we find some hall where we get to battle CraigStern, give or take a few other forum members?  If we won, maybe we could win a special orb that combined the effects of non-resistance orbs or even teach us a dual-element attack.
Granted, programming CraigStern, KZ, and Ertxiem as bosses would probably take a while, but I even planned out the stats!

CraigStern (Dark Spriggat)
Health: 1000
Speed: 3
Attack: Dark Breath, Dark Vortex, Sap, Vendetta (omnidirectional Feedback)
Counterattack: Sap

KZ (Acolyte)
Health: 900
Speed: 3
Attacks: Pyro Blast, Pyro Hail, Fire Gate, Long Shield

Ertxiem (Red Spriggat Healer)
Health: 850
Speed: 3
Attacks: Fire Breath, Static Shield, Titan Shield

Dusk (Dark Spriggat)
Health: 300
Speed: 3
Attacks: Dark Breath, Nightmare Shield

Bromtaghon (Assassin)
Health: 300
Attacks: Mega Stab, Leap, Poison Strike (reduces enemy Strength by 1)

Dorgon5000 (Psy Fighter)
Health: 100
Speed: 4
Attacks: Mind Blast, Shadow Blast, Dark Vortex
Resistance: Shadow

Torugo (Pheonix)
Health: 450
Speed: 1
Attacks: Melee, Fire Breath, Pyro Blast, Pyro Hail
Counter-attack: ???

Barzul (Shadowling Healer)
Health: 300
Speed: 3
Attacks: Mind Blast, Mind Shield, Big Shield, Static Shield

Yes, I know it would take long and delay the final release of TSoG... but it would be funny.

TSoG / Trial Scene
« on: June 20, 2010, 04:07:12 PM »
Quote from: Craig Stern on Twitter
Working on the Trial scene.

What/who do you think is on trial? I already have two random theories:

Quote from: Bromtaghon
Wild guess: in the fifth mission, do we find out that Rahel has been captured by the Cult and is on trial, and thus the rest of the Resistance goes to save her? In the end, Duvalier personally rescues her and thus begins the inevitable relationship they would share for the rest of their lives?

Also, I think it was Tastidian who suggested that Baz would be executed publicly for helping the Resistance.  Wouldn't the Cult have a trial first?  Join in the discussion and maybe once this thread gets big enough CraigStern will tell us.

Forum Games / The Nation of Hubras Returns!
« on: June 12, 2010, 08:28:47 PM »
Hi everyone! So, for everyone who prefers the Telepath universe to Hell Quest, I've brought back the formerly-dead Nation of Hubras RP from the Old Forums!
Quote from: the random one
This story will take place on, you guessed it: the continent of Cera Bella. It centers on the nation of Hubras (Hubras is located in the north, between the area of Somnus and the Great Forest), ruled completely by Psy (can you see where this is going?) The Psy minority wedged its way into the political system of Hubras by "subtle persuasion" (mind control) of the people. The political system is utterly corrupt, with ministers and officials changing laws to their advantage. Psys are now the upperclass and can tell any non-psy what to do. The non-psys are obviously a bit angry about this. A few insurgencies came up. They were crushed, and the Psys (let's call them the Nationalist League) tightened the grip on non-psys. A few patrols of Detectors (basically people who can read minds easily) were put on to the street to weed out anyone who thought badly the government. This did not stop the rebels; their number grew larger every day. The government passed law after law, limiting the freedoms of non-psys in an attempt to put them in their place, but that did the exact opposite. The unrest is almost to the point of being a civil war by now. Aristocrats' houses are attacked and robbed, the government orders countless executions, and mobs become more and more violent.
NoHR takes place a century or so after TSoG, although technology hasn't advanced that much.  The Shadowlings are in anarchy because 'the officials in the government got killed in a quite explosive event.'

The Nationalist League is the ruling party of Hubras.  Pretty much all of the Psys in Hubras are part of it.  It 'produces loads of propaganda to stay popular among the Psys and to attempt to keep the non-Psys quiet.'  They control most of the army of Hubras.  Some patrol the neighbourhoods to watch for suspicious people.
The Mechanics are a mercenary group who are mostly based in the Great Forest, east of Hubras.  Some frequently venture into the city to sell their goods to either the Psys or the rebels, while others remain in the forests.  They are highly-paranoid of the Psy government.
The Rebels are a group of citizens, some Psys, some not, valiantly battling the government of Psys in Hubras.

As for the rules, they're the same as your average RP: no character control, no invulnerability, no invincibility, and so on, and so on.
For simplicity's sake I'll use the same sign-up sheet as before.
Name: (obvious)
Race: (Human, Spriggat, Gelf, Scorpion, etc.)
Class: (Swordsman, Psy Fighter, Shadowling Guardian, etc.)
Affinity: (if non-Psy, pick the one that best describes your personality)
Faction: (see above)
Bio: (description of your character)
Skills: (special skills- keep it realistic)

I'm not sure how this will relate to the other one- does it take place before it, after it, or shall we just say the old one never happened since it got abandoned?

Character Profiles
Name: Osrie Anaca
Race: Human
Class: Crossbowman
Affinity: Shadow
Faction: The Mechanics
Bio: Osrie was born in Hubras and always liked stealing things as a child.  One day he was caught, but he managed to escape his captors and fled to the Great Forest.  There he was taken in by the Mechanics, who taught him how to fire a crossbow.  Eventually, he began manufacturing and gained an aptitude to building golem parts.  He dislikes the rebels for stirring up the city and making it harder to smuggle goods in, but he also dislikes the Psys for taking over the city.
Skills: Good with crossbows, can assemble/disassemble golems easily.
Attacks: Melee, Crossbow

Name: Reese
Race: Human
Class: Psy Fighter
Affinity: Shadow
Faction: Rebels
Bio: Reese was a former Ravinalian priest who liked to gamble. Eventually he lost all his money and was forced to flee north to Hubras to escape his debts.  When the Psys took over, he refused to join them and helped the rebels instead.  There he met Caitlin and Kayle.  The three were soon annoyed by the Rebels' inefficient methods and fled northwest to the Dragith Sea in hopes of summoning the legendary Mortiferous.  He mastered techniques such as Shadow Blast and Dark Vortex, and can manipulate small Dark Shields.  For some reason, he hates the topic of Shadowlings.
Attacks: Mind Blast, Shadow Blast, Dark Vortex, Dark Shield

Name: Caitlin
Race: Human
Class: Psy Assassin
Affinity: Shadow
Faction: Rebels
Bio: Caitlin was a former student at the Psy Academy.  However, after she was caught stealing a book from the bookstore, she was expelled.  She headed northwest to Hubras, originally to join the Psys in destroying the rebels, but after saving a wounded Rebel she learned the atrocities the Psys had commited.  She joined the Rebels where she met Reese and Kayle.  The three were soon annoyed by the Rebels' inefficient methods and fled northwest to the Dragith Sea in hopes of summoning the legendary Mortiferous.  In battle, she sneaks behind enemy lines and shadowblasts them, using Feedback to restore her health when wounded.
Attacks: Mind Blast, Shadow Blast, Feedback

Name: Kayle
Race: Human
Class: Bowman/Psy Healer
Affinity: Shadow
Faction: Rebels
Bio: Very little is known about Kayle.  He joined the rebels almost immediately after the Psy took over.  He eventually met Caitlin and Reese during a mission. The three were soon annoyed by the Rebels' inefficient methods and fled northwest to the Dragith Sea in hopes of summoning the legendary Mortiferous.  Kayle uses a bow and often enchants the arrows with shadow, but he prefers to act as the group's Psy Healer, healing Caitlin and Reese whenever they need it.
Attacks: Bow, Mind Shield, Long Shield, Big Shield
NAME:Seth Korsan
CLASS:Psy warrior
FACTION:Nationalist league
SKILLS: Purely a warrior, only slightly skilled in the arts of healing. Needless to say, his health attack and defence are exeptionally high. A medium mind controller.
DESCRIPTION/INTRO:Incredibly talented psy, he had just passed his black cape exam with flying colours, when he recieved the news... His loving father, the minister of trade, had been murdered by the rebels. He swore to find his murderers and rend them limb from limb. He would make them fear the name of Korsan...With this in mind, he left the psy academy with a small band of fellow black capes, seeking money (The Nationalist League pays it's troops well) or adventure, or simply going along out of friendship, each with a different affinity, and set off... for Hubras.
Orbs: Violet Orb (increases PsP)
NAME: Mako Ker
RACE: Spriggat
CLASS: Frost Spriggat
FACTION: For Hire (Read Intro)

SKILLS: Some leadership experience, but mostly anti-social; uses ice attacks such as ice shards to quickly dispatch targets.

BIO: A Spriggat assassin who likes to deal with threats quickly, get his money, and disappear. When he was growing up, he lived in eastern Cera Bella where his parents were killed by Rebels in a fierce confrontation between Rebels and Nationalists, and he was left alone to journey the world as a self-appointed Spriggat assassin. While taking contracts, he secretly anticipates any Rebel targets to get revenge for his parents.

POWERS: Slight Ice Manipulation, Ice Production, Frost Breath, Cryo Blast, Recover, and Mind Blast.
Name: Mike
Race: Human
Class: Assasin
Affinity: Cold
Faction: Nationalist League
Bio: One of chief assassins of the ruling class, Mike despises the government for their cruelty and corruption, but serves them for saftey and money. He has few friends, who he is very loyal to. He is, in his mind, very honorable, in the fact that he honors any agreement he has made. His years of service to the government, killing any political opponents through a combination of assassination and Cyro powers, has made him as cold as the ice he wields.
Skills: Cyro Blast, Cyro Cross, Stab, Mega Stab, and knife
Name: Zack Arcon
Race: Human
Class: Psy Fighter
Affinity: Light
Faction: None (Explained Later)

Bio: A Charismatic, Sarcastic, Smart Alec (in humours situations) who was NOT born in Cera Bella. What happened was that he was on a boat when it crashed and amazingly he survived and his body floated to the northwest tip and is currently (this is where I want to start the story) about to wake up on the beach wondering where he is. He was trained as a Psy before he floated to Cera Bella and he is the son of a rich merchant. He also has a crossbow if he needs to use it
Description: Blue Eyes, Platinum Blond Hair,

Skills: Mind Blast, Light Blast, Crossbow, Mind Shield

Name: Annabeth Krath
Race: Human
Class: Psy Fighter
Affinity: Cryo
Faction: Nationalist

Bio: A preppy, serious, selfish girl was born to a rich family. She thinks she is more important than anybody else but uses this to hide her loneliness. She went to Psy Academy and graduated around 1 year ago. She was simply shopping when she was kidnapped by General Detore’s men as she looked like a rich girl in her white dress.
Description: Pink Eyes, Pink Hair

Skills: Mind Blast, Cryo Blast, Feedback, Mind Shield

OOC: Yes, she has pink hair and eyes (it is not dyed)

Name: Rainen
Race: Human
Class: Psy
Affinity: fire
Faction: unknown
Bio: Rainen is a mysterious human of unknown origins.  He appeared one day on an island in the middle of Lake Alto with nothing more then clothing and a blood red sword.
Skills:  can manipulate fire to a degree that it burns so hot that it is blue.  He is also able to heal himself far more rapidly then normal.
Orbs: Yellow Orb (increases Focus rate)
Ersatz Man
Name: Criss
Race: Scorpion (he is the creation of an experiment that tried to give people the instincs of wild animals.)
Class: Desert Scorpion
Affinity: Fire (he grew up in the desert)
Faction: Mechanics
Bio: Criss was once an ordanary human being without psy powers. Now, due to an experiment set up by the Nationalist League, his mind was transfered into the mind of a scorpion. He can still think like any human being but he can't talk due to the scorpion's thick throat. Also, his Scorpion instincs play into his life occasionialy. Such as when he is trying to keep someone away, he instinctivly rears his tail up and hisses. Also, when he sees a rat, he just can't help eating it. Anyway, after the horrible experiment, the Nationalist League threw Criss out into the desert so he'd never bother them again. After a couple of days in the desert, he found himself being captured by the mechanics as part of their new military idea 'Animal Troop.' Anyway, Criss now finds himself in a cave being burned with a red hot poker by a mechanic dressed up as a Nationalist League member. He is bound to the ground by tethers so he can't harm the Mechanics member.

Skills: Well, he can survive for quite a long time without water. He can sting people. And, well, you get it.
Name: Les
Race: Psy
Faction: Rebellion
Affinity: Fire
Stats: Rather High health, Moderate attack, and amazing speed.
BIO: More than a little bit skilled in healing, and a moderately accomplished pyromancer, not greatly skilled in mind control.
Other: somewhat young and aspiring and sometimes headstrong recently joined the rebellion and is now mid ranking.
The term 'NPC' is somewhat ironically wrong, since, in fact, anyone can use and control these characters.

Name: Psy Hermit [as of now, unnamed]
Race: Human
Class: Psy Warrior
Affinity: Light
Faction: None
Description: A Psy Hermit living in Sibelius' Grove, west of the Great Forest.  He is said to know a lot about the legends of the orbs and owns a magical, sentient teddy bear.

Name: Teddy Bear [as of now, unnamed]
Race: ...teddy bear...
Class: Unknown
Affinity: Unknown
Faction: Belongs to the Psy Hermit
Description: A sentient Teddy Bear owned by the Psy Hermit.  He can be rather sarcastic and impatient, and his catchphrase is "I'm a teddy bear, not a ____ (whatever someone is complaining about needing.)

The Story So Far
Seth (Steelfist), a Black Cape, reaches the capital and joins the Nationalist League.  He is assigned to finding a minor Rebel leader and heads to a village to do so.  Zack Arcon (Zackirus), a Tratenite, arrives at the same village.  Meanwhile, Mako Ker (Duskling) is hired by the Rebels to kill three rebels: Caitlin, Kayle and Reese (Brom.)  When he arrives, they have begun summoning Mortiferous, the Lesser Serpent; however it is not at the full extent of its power.  Mako then carries out his mission, killing Reese and kidnapping Caitlin, but Kayle escapes to south of the capital.  Realizing he needs more power, he hires Osrie (Brom), a Mechanic, to find the Violet Orb. 
Zack, realizing he was in Cera Bella (a mortal enemy of Traten), follows Kayle.  Meanwhile, a mysterious human named Rainen (rainen) throws a special shield around Reese, and he awakens, alive, in a cave by the Sea of Dragith.  Rainen then follows Caitlin and saves her from a group of Nationalists.  Meanwhile, Osrie finds the Violet Orb with the help of a mysterious Psy Hermit and his Teddy Bear (NPCs) and returns it to Kayle, although they were observed by Seth.  Kayle heads to the cave by the Sea of Dragith, followed by Seth, and is met by Caitlin and the weakened Reese, however, Mako has caught up with them again and attacks.  Having spared Zack's life, Zack then 'thanks' him by knocking Reese out, but eventually Kayle and Caitlind defeat Mako.  They tie him up and interrogate him.
Mako soon escapes and Zack falls out of a tree, knocking himself unconscious.  While questioning him, Caitlin realizes he's from Traten, but soon Seth arrives, knocks them out, steals the orb, and leaves with Zack following him.  Zack, Seth and Mako meet up near a clearing and Seth discusses the orbs.  His research gave him only one lead in his search for them, which happens to be Rainen.  Rainen, meanwhile, Contacts them and tells them to follow him.
Caitlin, Reese and Kayle discover that the orb has been stolen.  Caitlin reveals that she took Zack's crossbow, and, thinking he stole the orb, destroys it.  They soon decide they can't stay for long in the cave, and make plans to make a hideout in Lake Alto, but wait to see what Zack, Seth and Mako do, afraid of being attacked again.  Meanwhile, Rainen travels to the Psy Academy, where he stays for about a year.  Later, he recieves a message from a creature. Haunted by what he saw. Rainen uses his powers and jumps back in time so that he can do something about this creature.
A giant inhuman thing attacks the beach, killing Seth and nearly killing Mako (who escapes.)  Seth comes back to life as a spirit, seeking revenge.  Zack, meanwhile, is captured by people who have mistaken his identity; but he decides not to tell the truth in case they kill him for being a Tratenite.  Eventually they discover they have mistaken his identity but he is kept in captivity, where he meets Annabeth Krath (Zackirus).  She escapes using cryokinesis, but sets off an alarm.  Zack and Annabeth defeat the guards and manage to escape.  Zack and Annabeth then meet up with Rainen who is found in a coma.
Rainen wakes up and learns that Zack is from Traten, but not being of this world, he decides to help him as Zack's only goal is to get back home. The three join together and set off for Lake Alto where Annabeth's cottage is located. Later, Zack tries to buy a new crossbow, but accidentally reveals he is from Traten, the Nationalists then issue a bounty and hire Mike (Mikew871) to capture him. General Detore soon realizes the prisoners have escaped sends a letter to Mako Ker requesting him to capture Annabeth and Zack.  Meanwhile, Kayle attempts necromancy using Soul Charges in the Deeper Downs and manages to awaken Cerzak, Caitlin wipes his memory to prevent him from turning. 
Zack, Annabeth and Rainen reach Annabeth's house.  Rainen goes to meditate while Annabeth introduces Zack to her parents.  Rainen is then attacked by shadow creatures.  Nearby, in a cave by Lake Alto, Mike and Mako meet each other and decide to team up to kill Zack and Annabeth.   Seth floats to a cavern beneath the Psy Academy searching for orbs.

I've now begun work on various maps!
World Map

General Discussion / Mars: The Extra Hour
« on: June 06, 2010, 10:06:59 PM »
On Mars, days are twenty-five hours a day.  What would you do with the extra hour?

I would do homework.

TSoG Walkthroughs / Training Psy Power/Psy Defence
« on: June 06, 2010, 06:33:12 PM »
Can anyone post a 'walkthrough' on how much training at each level of Psy Power/Defence costs? A wild guess, does it increase by 25 per level?

Ham Sandwich RPG / The Door
« on: June 01, 2010, 10:35:10 PM »
This is probably going to sound really stupid...
But how do you enter the first door?
I've tried pretty much every key, clicking it, and even hovering in front of it for a minute or two...

TSoG / The Cult and the Thug Boss
« on: May 30, 2010, 06:08:33 PM »
If you choose to fight the Businessman/Thug Boss in East Ravinale, he attacks you with Mind Blast.  I seem to recall the Cult is persecuting Psys, even weaker ones like the Thug Boss.  (If not, then I completely misunderstood the entire storyline of the game.)  So, why hasn't he been found?  Or does the Cult have bigger things to bother with?

Forum Games / The Three-Word Story Game
« on: May 30, 2010, 05:50:08 PM »
I decided to bring this game to the new forums... anyways, the rules are pretty simple.  Each player can post three words to continue the story, make it as random as you want but make sure the sentence makes sense at the end.

Bromtaghon: Once upon a
KZ (just using you 'cause you're awesome): big, fluffy, pink,
Bromtaghon: bunny-shaped planet
KZ: lived a dog.

I'll start: There were five

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