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TSoG Wish List / Re: New Enemy Ideas
« on: February 06, 2010, 06:59:45 PM »
By all means keep on sharing these ;)
I have to point out though that in the full game you'll probably not have such a well-trained team at the point: quite a lot of people, after playing the game for some time, start complaining that it gets too easy, but then again, with this being an unfinished demo, many simply overtrain their Hero and the teammates, hence the ease of disposal of the enemies.
If you want, try playing through the game again from scratch without overtrainig your teammates- that might give you a fresher look on the difficulty of TSoG.

Forum Games / Re: Associations Game
« on: February 06, 2010, 06:57:13 PM »

Forum Games / Re: Fazan game
« on: February 06, 2010, 06:56:57 PM »

TSoG Walkthroughs / Re: Easy money
« on: February 06, 2010, 06:56:14 PM »
Well, this is really exploiting a bug, rather than a sound in-game strategy. It will be removed as the demo gets developed further. I guess this can go under the category of cheating. ;)

TSoG Wish List / Re: New Enemy Ideas
« on: February 06, 2010, 06:54:33 PM »
Intersting, but I don't think that quite fits in with the atmosphere of Telepath games. There was, however, an idea to pit the Main from TRPG2 against the Hero from TRPG3 (aka TSoG).

Forum Games / Re: Fazan game
« on: February 06, 2010, 12:31:08 PM »

(yep, and if you're unsure of a spelling of a word, I suggest you look it up in any number of online dictionaries, such as )

Forum Games / Re: Associations Game
« on: February 06, 2010, 12:29:42 PM »

TSoG Bugs / Gaps in and bugs in enemy AI
« on: February 05, 2010, 06:48:12 PM »
The initial thread can be found here. Essentially, help CraigStern imrpove the enemy AI in TSoG by making it more efficient- if you find a situation where the enemy could've made a better move, or attack in a way as to deal more damage to teammates, or simply glitched, write a short summary here (on occaison a screenshot can come in handy).

TSoG Wish List / Formulated Enemy Ideas
« on: February 05, 2010, 06:42:43 PM »
Compiling posts from the old forums thread, with several "graduates" in the game already (e.g. Greater Ghost, Tigs).

"Given the lengthy discussions in the other topics with regards to new poential enemy units, where lots of ideas are brought to light, mixed in and discussed, but ultimately lost amidst all the paraphernalia, I'm opening up this topic where I (or someone else) will post ideas that have been suggested, widely discussed and supported by a variety of people: this way CraigStern will be able to notice the most significant ideas we come up with, whilst in those long discussion threads some ideas may not be noticed. Please, if you're going to post in this thread, post an idea along the similar format shown below that has been extensively discussed and widely liked, the best topic for putting out your initial ideas like that is here.

So, here is an initial list of ideas, with short explanations for each.

1). Initially, I proposed the Dev (halfway down first page, Uzbeki and neighbouring cultures reference) idea here about a year ago. Now that there are Jinns in the game (in form of Iblis), it would be nice to have a mobile Jinn (a Jinn possessing bits of rock, dust and sand, therefore highly mobile, though not as powerful as Iblis). Quite a challenging enemy to have, methinks, plus, the attack is a status-affecting one, in a way. And it will expand upon the ghost set. Rnadom attacks=unpredictable=challenging foe. Proposed stats:


Health: 30
Speed: 3
Attacks: Sand Blast (Range: 1 random tile, Damage: 8 ), Drain (one random enemy on the battlefield-same as Iblis, Draining: 6 PsP)

2). The Light Spriggat idea probably needs no introduction and it has wide support: a lot of people would like to see a Light Spriggat in action in TRPG3 (the general consensus on Light Spriggats being that they're all female, but not all female Spriggats are Light and that they're the strngest of the lot), as the general feel is that each element should have an affiliated Spriggat. The proposed stats, with a new status-affecting attack are as follows:

Light Spriggat

Health: 85
Speed: 3
Attacks: Light Breath (Range: 1-3, Damage: 18, reduction of max hp by 2)
Resistance: Light

3). With the introduction of Helenites to TRPG3, there was a general feeling that the Helenites will probably have better/different golems, so there are two ideas that got wide support. First, initially proposed by im2smart4u, is that of a mobile golem, with the mobility dictated by the use of a relatively light material: wood. Thus, it will be slightly inferior in most stats to the Stone Golem, but will have an advantage of being the fastest golem an enemy has. The suggested stats are thus:

Wooden Golem

Health: 30
Speed: 2
Attacks: Melee (Range: 1, Damage: 8 )

4). Another suggestion, again, by im2smart4u, is to have the Dorgon-prototype available as enemy- surely Helena would've studied Dorgon, and the Mechanics might've not had the resources to make another prototype. Plus, most of the graphics and stats have been worked out in TRPG2 already. And it will be a terrible enemy to face, as it will be a mobile Energy Golem, covering 3 rows on a map in one turn- quite a formiddable challenge! Hence, the stats may sound familiar:

Dorgon Golem

Health: 28
Speed: 1
Attacks: Laser Blast (Range: 1-11, Damage: 10), Burst Shot (Range: 1-3 horizontal, 2 Spaces; Damage: 15)

5). Also, with intorduction of Scorpions, Tig plants and, potentially Gelf with his pets, there has been also a general desire to see more animals in TRPG3 (seeing as that would add depth to the Telepath Universe). Going by the fact that the current animals seem all to be bigger than their typical real-life counterparts, and to make them easily fittable into a square tile, a few suggestions have emerged, notably that of a Praying Mantis, suggested by the random one, with a new Double Slash attack (from both sides, and possibly inflicting double damage on the person standing directly in front of it, since that person will be hit by two forelegs?). The proposed stats are as follows:

Praying Mantis

Health: 45
Speed: 2
Attack: Melee (Range: 1, Damage: 12); Double Slash (Range: rightward and leftward arc, Damage: 10)

6). The Shadowling set has some sweet units in it, but there has been an idea to give it wider variety: as there has been some discussion about different types of classes, it would be interesting to see a Psy Asssassin class enemy around and see the difference in methods employed in order to achieve the same means, so im2smart4u proposed having a Shadowling Assassin and after some discussion, it was suggested the unit would use Shadowport, instead of speed 4, to get behind people and backstab them. Hence, here are the proposed enemy unit's stats:

Shadowling Assassin

Health: 45
Speed: 3
Attacks: Mind Blast (Range: 1, Damage: 10), Shadow Blast (Range: 2, Damage: 15), Shadowport
Resistance: Shadow

Hopefully, CraigStern, you'll like some of the ideas above and have time to implement them. I'll update with anything new that survives the test of time and of general opinion in the active discussion therads around."

A neat idea by im2smart4u:


Health: 20
Speed: 0
Attacks: Explosion (Range: Omnidirectional+self, Damage: 25)
Counter-attack: Explosion (Range: Omnidirectional+self, Damage: 25)
Immunity: Mental"

"There is a general feeling that the Psy Academy enemy unit set would be nice to have in complete form, thus the following enemies were suggsested to complete it (especially as some were already featured in TRPG2). Plus, it would be nice to have a complete cape set (hence the general support for a Blue Cape unit) to play around with in map editor- methinks it will have great attraction (being complied of humans, and all) and it will provide for the most varied Psy enemies (as well as melee). An extra "bonus" is that all attack icons, the attacks themselves and the attackers have already been deployed in TRPG2 (or can be taken as compositions from different enemy units) and most of the attacks already have AI developed for them (e.g. Shadowling Guardian, Fernatus, etc), so less work needs to be done in implementing the entire lot. ;-)

Academy Guard
Health: 70
Speed: 3
Attack: Melee (Range: 1, Damage 15)

Black Cape (mental)
Health: 26
Speed: 3
Attacks: Mind Blast (Range 1, Damage 10), Feedback (Range 2, Damage: 15)

White Cape (Light)
Health: 95
Speed: 3
Attacks: Mind Blast (Range: 1, Damage: 15), Light Blast (Range: 2, Damage: 28 ), Light Bomb (Range: 3 X 3, epcientre 4 spaces away from the attacker, Damage: 20 )
Resistance: Light

White Cape (Pyro)
Health: 95
Speed: 3
Attacks: Mind Blast (Range: 1, Damage: 15), Pyro Blast (Range: 2, Damage: 28 ), Pyro Hail (Range: 3x3 cross, Damage: 25)
Resistance: Heat

White Cape (Cryo)
Health: 95
Speed: 3
Attacks: Mind Blast (Range: 1, Damage: 15), Cyro Blast (Range: 2, Damage: 28 ), Cryo Cross (Range: 1-2 Spaces Omnidirectional, Damage: 25)
Resistance: Cold

White Cape (Shadow)
Health: 95
Speed: 3
Attacks: Mind Blast (Range: 1, Damage: 15), Shadow Blast (Range: 2, Damage: 28 ), Dark Vortex (Range: 3 x 3, Damage: 20)
Resistance: Shadow

White Cape (Healer)
Health: 115
Speed: 3
Attacks: Mind Blast (Range: 1, Damage: 10), Mega Shield (Range: 1, Healing: 40), Big Shield (Range: Omni, Healing: 30)

White Cape (Mental)
Health: 95
Speed: 3
Attacks: Mind Blast (Range: 1, Damage: 15), Feedback (Range: 2, Damage/Healing: 22), Vengeance (Range: 1-3, Damage: 20)"

"Ok, this time around I revived an old idea of mine, and there was a general agreement that it will be a good enemy to complete the Ghost set (the Lesser Ghost name gave me the initial thought)- this could be used in later stage of the game, in crypts, etc:

Greater Ghost
Health: 65
Speed: 3
Attacks: Mind Blast (range 1, damage 15), Cryo Blast (range 2, damage 15), Cryo Cross (range- omnidirectional+1, damage 12)
Resistance: physical"

"Yet another idea by im2smart4u that got general support from the forumties, and may be quite useful to have in later crypts, pehaps?

Arrow Trap (Destructible Battlefield Object)
Health: 18
Speed: 0
Attacks: Piercing Bow (Range 1-3, Damage: 8 )
Immunity: Mental"

Let's hope that with time the number of suggestions will grow and we'll see more of these ideas being implemented in the Telepath projects!

TSoG Wish List / New Enemy Ideas
« on: February 05, 2010, 06:42:13 PM »
Carrying on from this very popular thread, share your ideas of what enemies you'd like to see in TSoG!
There were many very interesting ideas for enemies being thrown around, as well as ideas for completing enemy sets (e.g. having a White Cape enemy, to come along with the Blue Cape and Black Capes from the Psy Academy Map Editor enemy set), and some of them have made it into the Telepath series games already (e.g. Tigs, Greater Ghost)! Hence, do share and show off your creativity!
The best ideas will go into this thread. ;)

The easiest format, along with a descirption of the enemy, includes giving suggested stats and attacks:

e.g. an enemy suggestion by im2smart4u:

Mine Stats:
Health: 20
Speed: 0
Attacks: Explosion (Range: Omnidirectional+self, Damage: 25)
Counter-attack: Explosion (Range: Omnidirectional+self, Damage: 25)
Immunity: Mental

TSoG Wish List / New attacks for teammates
« on: February 05, 2010, 06:29:41 PM »
Carrying on from this thread, discuss any interesting ideas for attacks which can be given to TSoG teammates. Some of the attacks have been implemented in the game already, like Juxtapose, so fear not that your ideas will be voiced in vain!

TRPG2 Walkthroughs / General FAQ on most TRPG2-related questions
« on: February 05, 2010, 06:25:17 PM »
This compendum of useful informations and links to many discussions in the old forums can be found here.
If you find a very common or basic question that you feel haven't been answered well or not at all, feel free to post it here, and I'll add it to a list in this post.

Carrying on the wisdom of many players from the previous forums, which you can find here, share your thoughts and expertise on tactics and strategies employed whilst playing through TRPG2. Many have trouble beating Nelis and Tastidian, so any tips for that would be wlecome too (sticky in old forums with references to discussions can be found here)!

"Share your experience of playing TR2 with others: what strategies do you use, character and attack combinations, what's your modus operandi with different enemies? What orbs would you recommend for which missions?

E.g. kind of obvious one, but for golems I prefer using range 3 attacks- this way my main/teammate doesn't get attacked by the golem as it has only 1 speed."

TRPG2 Walkthroughs / Role of Aptitude and Personality
« on: February 05, 2010, 06:15:40 PM »
"For those who wonder if Personality and Aptitude are useful skills to have in TRPG2, I bring together some of the material collected from the forums, plus some of my own trial-and-error conclusions with these stats.

To start off, I'd like to say that apart from raising the number of teammates you can have in a battle with higher personality (personlaity 1 = +3 teammates, 7 = +4, 10 = +5, 12 = +6, 15= +7) and the decrease in price of your hero's level ups at Hellion's with higher aptitude (e.g. with aptitude 1 = mind blast level 1 costs 117 gold, ap 12 = 35 gold) there are several situations in TRPG2 where you can get an item/pay less money/earn more money.
I'll put the situations in a list below, I'll give the minimal aptitude/personality level in order to get an additional outcome option plus a brief overview of the situation and what you can gain.

-Penumbra won't refuse to open an account if personality is 8 or above
-you won't have to fight Vagrant or give him money if your aptitude is 10 or above
-you won't have to pay Niven to join your force if your personality is 8 or above
-you'll be able to recognise and hire Thallion's slave with aptitude 7 or above
-having personality 10 or above can come in handy when you've got dead comrades and not enough money to ressurect them all at Negatus'
-you may get an additional dialogue option with Nightling after mission 5 completion with aptitude 9 or above
-with aptitude 10 or above, you can do additional things to one of the item's you can by from Gelf
- I think that a certain personality level is required to get Grotius on your team, along with Helena & Flint, and maybe a certain aptitude level in order to be able to collect Spin Saws... can anyone verify please, I'll then amend this post accordingly, thanks!"

TRPG2 Walkthroughs / Upgrades for teammates' at Hellion's
« on: February 05, 2010, 06:09:40 PM »
So that people don't miss some interesting abilities out by accident ;-)

res= resistance

As an extra aside, the Main learns a new attack, Vengeance, if you level up Feedback to level 5.

CharacterAbilityStrengthPsy AttackPsy Defense
ShadowboxerShadowblast lvl 2-10-
ShadowboxerDark Vortex-15-
ShadowboxerShadow Res--7
Gamblin' JackSanke Eyes-3-
Gamblin' JackMind Shield--6
Gamblin' JackMind Shield lvl 2 range 2--10
GuyHeat res--7
HelenaWhirlwind lvl 2-7-
HelenaWhirlwind lvl 3-9-
HelenaWhirlwind lvl 4-12-
AnyaMega Shield--9
AnyaMind Shield range 2, Mega Shield lvl 6--11
AnyaBig Shield--13
AnyaLight res--15
FestusMega Shield--8
FestusMega Shield lvl 6--10
FestusBig Shield--13
FestusShadow res--15
NivenTrick Shot-3-
DarklingShadowport 2-66
DarklingShadow res--10
DarklingShadowblast lvl 2-10-

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