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 on: April 25, 2019, 08:29:01 PM 
Started by CraigStern - Last post by CraigStern
-- Telepath Tactics had a pretty awkward awkward method for setting up the armies for each level. Rather than force people to set this stuff up using a bunch of conditions, I've rewritten things so that you can simply define the armies with all of their characteristics directly in each level using the new Army tag. Like so:

Code: [Select]
<Army num="0" humanControlled="true" name="The Dawn Brigade" color="Blue" alliedWith="2"></Army>
<Army num="1" humanControlled="false" name="Begnion" color="Red" alliedWith=""></Army>
<Army num="2" humanControlled="false" name="Greil's Mercenaries" color="Green" alliedWith="0"></Army>

Next up: adding an interface to the map editor to create these!

 on: April 25, 2019, 03:09:08 PM 
Started by CraigStern - Last post by CraigStern
-- the game now tracks stats for each army over the course of a battle (Kills, Deaths, Damage Dealt, Damage Taken, Turns Taken, Sacks Grabbed, Sacks Dropped, Victory, and Bonus), and calculates a score for each army based on those stats.

-- implemented the ScoreBonus script action. Battle only; adds to the existing Bonus points for an army. Two parameters: (1) army number and (2) bonus points. (Note that bonus points can be negative if you want to penalize a player!)

-- the game now successfully saves and loads player info during mid-battle saves (including alliances, army name, army color, whether it is AI controlled, and all score data for that player).

-- new script action: SetWinAura. Battle only; alters the aura awarded for winning the battle. One parameter: operation (i.e. operator:amount).

-- new script action: SetLossAura. Battle only; alters the fraction of the "win aura" awarded if the player loses the battle. One parameter: a float value between 0 and 1.

-- fixed: the game didn't clear the undo stack after a character dropped an item onto the battlefield.

-- fixed: enemies in the Qualifier battle would treat the training dummies as valid attack targets if you chose to skip tutorials.

 on: April 24, 2019, 03:32:11 PM 
Started by CraigStern - Last post by CraigStern
-- refactored the way random biographical details are stored within individual characters; coded functions for adding and accessing these details.

-- characters are now generated with quasi-randomly selected biographical details representing their home region, their hometown, who raised them, what siblings they have, and whom they worship (if anyone). Details can affect the availability of other details (e.g. someone not from the Rubat or the Marid tribes isn't going to worship Anu)--the eventual goal here is to have those details also affect inter-character dialogue, providing a much greater variety of background dialogue.

-- reduced incidence of non-combinatorial human last names.

-- added support for exclusions in last name parts, allowing the same term to be used as both a last name beginning and last name ending (but never within the same name).

 on: April 23, 2019, 01:59:15 PM 
Started by CraigStern - Last post by CraigStern
-- newly learned skills on the level-up screen now have their buttons throb in the same fashion as the icons for increased stats, making it much more immediately obvious to the player which skills are new.

-- with the advent of TextMesh Pro textfields, in-game text now support rich text formatting! Using this new capability, I've added support for bolding, italicizing, underlining, and striking through text. The syntax for each of these is...well, it's actually exactly the same as it is on these forums! Like so:

Code: [Select]
[b][/b]   <== bold
[i][/i]   <== italics
[u][/u]   <== underlining
[s][/s]   <== strikethrough

(See the screenshot below this post.)

-- added support for the full emoji set in dialogue! This uses the syntax SPRITE[spritename]; the spritenames of all emojis supported are as follows:

  • Arrow Black
  • Arrow Blue
  • Arrow White
  • Aura
  • Food
  • Star
  • Create
  • Crush
  • Damage
  • Accuracy
  • Appetite
  • Cold
  • Cold Res.
  • Crush Res.
  • Counterattacks
  • Dodge
  • Drowning
  • Energy
  • Explosive
  • Falling
  • Flying
  • Health
  • Heat
  • Heat Res.
  • Land
  • Light
  • Light Res.
  • Mental
  • Mental Res.
  • Morale
  • Perception
  • Pierce
  • Pierce Res.
  • Poison
  • Poison Res.
  • Psy
  • Promotion
  • Range
  • Reflexes
  • Shadow
  • Shadow Res.
  • Shield
  • Slash
  • Slash Res.
  • Speed
  • Swimming
  • Alert
  • Blinded
  • Burning
  • Defending
  • Distracted
  • Enthralled
  • Focused
  • Frozen
  • Hardened
  • Heavy
  • Hidden
  • Immobilized
  • Levitating
  • Lucid
  • Move Bonus
  • New Turn
  • Poisoned
  • Preempting
  • Shining
  • Sick
  • Slowed
  • Softened
  • Stunned
  • Talkable
  • Weakened
  • End Turn
  • Grab
  • Rotate
  • Talk
  • Undo
  • Use

This replaces the bespoke special characters for emojis (such as -HEART- and -UNDO-, for instance), but not the special characters for punctuation (e.g. bullet points, quotation marks, em dashes and commas).

-- fixed: when typing out emojis and rich text tags in dialogue, the dialogue window would start typing out the incomplete tag, only replacing it with the emoji/formatting after the tag was fully typed out, producing a jarring visual effect. Instead, the text field now looks ahead, detects any upcoming tag, and adds the tag all in one go to avoid this behavior.

 on: April 22, 2019, 02:52:32 PM 
Started by CraigStern - Last post by CraigStern
-- impact damage from knocking units back into other units now has an upper limit that varies by character. The limit is either (a) 6; (b) the attacker's base Strength (plus Strength times the skill's strength damage factor); or (c) the attacker's base Psy (plus Psy times the skill's psy damage factor). If the attack has a psy damage factor greater than its strength damage factor, the game will first go with (c); otherwise, it will first go with (b). If the resulting limit is not greater than 6, the game will then go with (a) instead.

This upper limit keeps impact damage reasonably related to a character's power. Without this limitation, knockback abilities will scale linearly to permit massive damage against against high-Health enemies by even level 1 characters.

-- impact damage is now multiplied by the number of spaces the target was to be moved. (Smashing a unit into an adjacent unit with Kinetic Gale, for instance, will deal twice the damage of doing so via Kinetic Gust.)

-- the game now tracks which character created a unit via Create skills.

-- added text processing support for the "force inventory" unit spawn characteristic (allowing the use of PICK{}, among other special characters).

-- added a few edge cases in the scripting for the Qualifier tutorial battle to cover instances where the player ignores instructions.

-- added a Protect Char condition to the Thief Attack fight so that you can end the battle early by defeating the Robber Boss.

-- fixed: the game was not updating its internal list of dialogue to ignore in combat after calling the RemoveConv script action, causing the game to inappropriately fail to trigger certain dialogue afterwards during the same turn.

-- fixed: the level-up screen was freezing the game due to the replacement icons (with updated text fields in their associated tooltips) missing Animator components.

-- fixed: another typo in the code was preventing characters from spawning at y coordinates greater than the map width.

-- fixed: it was possible to elicit a range error and freeze the game by clicking too quickly through dialogue at the start of battle.

-- fixed: the game wasn't awarding characters experience for the use of Create skills.

-- fixed: you could click on and select units in the middle of other units moving, producing all manner of problems.

-- fixed: under certain circumstances, the game would attempt to end a combat sequence multiple times, potentially resulting in duplicate victory checks and/or the same post-combat dialogue being triggered multiple times.

-- fixed: the game could re-trigger dialogue that was already queued for removal.

-- fixed: randomly spawned non-flying characters could spawn atop objects that are only passable for flying units.

-- fixed a scripting error in the recruitment scene in the main campaign.

-- reduced the incidence of purely narrated Talk actions in camp from 50% to 25%.

 on: April 19, 2019, 12:57:15 PM 
Started by CraigStern - Last post by CraigStern
-- finished replacing all of the old text fields in the dialogue and scripting editor. (There were a lot of text fields.)

 on: April 18, 2019, 05:14:09 PM 
Started by CraigStern - Last post by CraigStern
-- filled in gaps in the autotiling logic for all the new terrain tile assets.

-- began replacing all of the old text fields in the dialogue editor with TextMesh Pro UI fields.

 on: April 17, 2019, 03:22:31 PM 
Started by CraigStern - Last post by CraigStern
Gave artist feedback on a new cut scene background for the Psy Academy.

-- received new terrain tiles for single-width cliffs and their chasm variants; imported them all into the game and created directional variants and tile data for them all (constituting more than 250 new terrain tiles in total).

-- wrote the first part of the auto-tiling logic for the new terrain tiles!

 on: April 17, 2019, 10:04:49 AM 
Started by CraigStern - Last post by CraigStern
As of right now, the controls are very similar to Telepath Tactics, in that there is a mouse-driven interface with keyboard hotkeys that can be used in their place for most (though not all) things. (I have not yet implemented click-and-drag camera panning in combat, however, and instead currently have a "leave the mouse at the edge of the screen for a second to pan" solution.)

The biggest thing I want to add to the controls that I simply haven't had time to implement yet is gamepad support. Custom keybinds are possible, but a much lower priority for me at the moment.

 on: April 17, 2019, 04:25:03 AM 
Started by CraigStern - Last post by ArtDrake
I want to be careful with questions like this, because it's easy to come across as demanding something or creating an expectation when it really is just a question, but--

I was wondering, what kinds of control schemes do you plan on supporting with the new engine? Mouse only, keyboard only, hybrid mouse/keyboard? [I'd ask about custom keybinds, too, but that strikes me as the sort of thing it's a bit simpler to throw in once you have keyboard controls, whereas the ones I asked about are things that I would imagine UI gets built around.]

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