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 on: January 28, 2019, 03:42:30 PM 
Started by CraigStern - Last post by CraigStern
-- when mousing over unit portraits in the deployment screen, the game now shows tooltips with more detailed unit information (such as current experience, health, and energy) of the sort shown when mousing over a unit during the battle.

-- you can now right-click each unit portrait in the deployment screen to open up the unit's character screen for detailed information on their stats, skills, and inventory.

-- fixed: units with 0 health (but no remaining wound levels) were included in deployment, even though they'd just poof off the battlefield the moment the first turn started.

-- fixed: a bug where an animation event at the conclusion of the pop-up damage "bounce" wasn't firing correctly.

 on: January 27, 2019, 11:27:47 AM 
Started by CraigStern - Last post by CraigStern
-- I decided that RosterToList was not robust enough for all of my purposes, so I've created an additional script action that lets you drill down and create a List of units who meet a variety of specific criteria: UnitsToList! UnitsToList has 4 parameters: (1) the name of the list to populate with the results; (2) the army number (if in battle) or roster number (if not in battle) to draw from; (3) a list of stat conditionals all of the units have to meet to get on the list, delimited with bars (|); and (4) a list of attribute or tag conditions all of the units have to meet to get on the list, delimited with bars (|).

    -- each stat conditional in UnitsToList functions like the first 3 parameters in IfStatRun; each contains three parts (though in this case, delimited with colons): the name of the stat to check:the comparison method:the value to check it against. (To get units with Level greater than 5, for instance, you'd use Level:g:5). You can use string stats here as well, though the comparison method becomes true or false. (To get units whose Class is not Axefighter, for instance, you'd use Class:false:Axefighter).
    -- the attribute/tag conditionals in UnitsToList function similarly to the string stats in the stat conditionals; but instead of specifying a stat name, you'll use Personality, Physical, Life Skill, or Tag. (To get characters with a Serious personality trait, for instance, you'd use Personality:true:Serious.) Tags can take an additional part, for matching tags with a particular value assigned to them. (To get characters with a TargetValue,2 tag, for instance, you'd use Tag:true:TargetValue:2.)

So! Let's say that you've got a battle, and you want to run a custom event on turn 12 where a bunch of units are hit with a status effect due to some sort of crazy psy-related event. Suppose you need a List of every character in army 0 who has Mental Resistance less than or equal to 25, is not a Golem, and lacks the custom tag EventImmune. That's one army number, two stat conditionals, and one attribute conditional. Here's how you'd use UnitsToList to create that List of units to affect:

Code: [Select]
UnitsToList/AffectedUnits,0,Mental Res.:l=:25|Race:false:Golem,Tag:false:EventImmune
Given how complex UnitsToList can be to use, I've left RosterToList in the game as a quick-and-easy alternative for times we just need to quickly get a list of the player's characters outside of battle without being too picky about it.

 on: January 26, 2019, 10:08:37 PM 
Started by CraigStern - Last post by CraigStern
-- improved the stat modification effects of "superb" and "peerless" quality on generated shields and main gauches by 1 and 2, respectively.

 on: January 25, 2019, 03:17:15 PM 
Started by LightningLord2 - Last post by CraigStern
Okay installdisc! Looking at map_mod_3.xml, it seems the map editor has the correct coordinates for all of your units marked down--I'm surprised that the game is messing up their start locations.

My best guess is that this is happening because multiplayer maps are designed for custom teams drawn from each player's roster. Have you tried making this a single-player map?

 on: January 25, 2019, 03:05:23 PM 
Started by CraigStern - Last post by CraigStern
-- implemented the Post-Battle Looting condition in-game! If set to true, all loose item sacks on the battlefield are gathered up and put into the player's reserve supplies after the player wins the battle.

-- added a new, optional 16th parameter to the script actions GenerateUnit and GenerateUnique: auto-recruit. Takes an integer from 0-9. If used, it recruits the generated unit to the specified roster as soon as the unit is generated.

-- GenerateUnit and GenerateUnique can now be used in cut scenes! The easiest way to make units generated in this fashion usable will be to auto-add them to a roster; however, when a unit is generated via GenerateUnique in a cut scene, the game will set the custom string _GeneratedUnit equal to their name, enabling you to easily reference the new character for other purposes (like dialogue and a subsequent AddSpeakerPortrait action, for instance).

-- the game will now no longer generate characters with the same first name as any other saved character (i.e. any character that's in the player's army), or as any other character in the same recruitment line-up.

-- fixed: the cut scene editor threw a null error when trying to add the "Click to continue" text at the bottom of cut scene narration in the preview pane.

-- fixed: you couldn't select empty save slots to save in mid-battle.

-- fixed: when, multiple pages into the new object window, you started typing to narrow down the listed objects, the game would display the same (usually blank) page of the narrowed results instead of showing you the first page of results.

 on: January 25, 2019, 08:27:13 AM 
Started by LightningLord2 - Last post by Lenny13
Thanks for the cards, we want to try with a friend. Only the question is all multi-player or only 2 what did you point out?

 on: January 24, 2019, 04:18:44 PM 
Started by CraigStern - Last post by CraigStern
-- added a new battle to the game with tutorials on busting open treasure chests and grabbing item sacks.

-- spruced up a couple of the other, pre-existing battles to make them more interesting.

-- wrote more Arena dialogue.

-- created a save menu that lets you choose what slot to save your game in (instead of having to overwrite the slot you began the game in).

-- the mid-battle save button now opens the new save menu instead of just automatically overwriting your previous save from the start of the battle.

-- created a "check box" UI element for handling simple boolean values.

-- implemented the check box in the dialogue editor to enable the toggling on or off of (a) dialogue tree repeatability and (b) whether the input text field should be shown on a dialogue branch.

-- implemented the check box in the cut scene and map editors as a way to set scenes to "unsaveable," meaning that the game won't auto-save during them and the player won't be offered the option to save manually. Intended for use during "Game Over" scenes, end credits scenes, and other scenes that would render the save file unusable if the game were saved in them.

-- created a "number picker" UI element for allowing the player to increment and decrement integer values.

-- redesigned the mechanism for switching between rosters in the Edit Rosters window using the number picker (unsurprisingly, testers had found the old design--which used a text field--to be unintuitive).

-- the game now saves a saveability attribute for scenes, and loads it when scenes are loaded. (If the game doesn't find the attribute, it just assumes the scene is saveable by default.)

-- updated the font on the input text field to match the font used everywhere else in the game.

-- changed the inventory input field in the Unit Properties window in the map editor to multiline.

-- fixed: when a cut scene with an active dialogue window was open in the cut scene editor and the player tried to load a new cut scene, the game would fail to refresh the cut scene preview in the editor.

-- fixed: the map editor would ignore your chosen facing when painting a generated unit onto the map.

-- fixed: the map editor would swap the values for each unit's inventory and triggers when first loading up a map.

 on: January 23, 2019, 04:30:32 PM 
Started by CraigStern - Last post by CraigStern
Lots of artist feedback today! Beyond that:

-- created missing directional variants for the cave wall fill objects, cave wall tunnel objects, and lit cave wall tunnel objects.

-- added 'Z' as hotkey for Undo in the map editor; added the + and - keys as hotkey shortcuts for Elev+ and Elev- in the map editor.

-- added mouseover tooltips to the Undo, Elev+, and Elev- buttons displaying the new hotkey shortcuts.

-- fixed an out-of-range error in the map editor.

 on: January 22, 2019, 02:36:48 PM 
Started by CraigStern - Last post by CraigStern
-- added Undo button to the map editor.

-- the map editor now successfully supports undoing of Paint actions.

-- the map editor now successfully supports undoing of Fill actions.

-- the map editor now successfully supports undoing of Elev+ and Elev- actions.

-- the map editor now successfully supports undoing of New Unit and Delete Unit actions.

-- the map editor now successfully supports undoing of New Object and Delete Object actions.

-- the map editor now successfully supports undoing of Edit Unit/Object Properties actions.

-- the map editor now successfully supports undoing of New Light and Delete Light actions.

-- the map editor now successfully supports undoing of Edit Light Properties actions.

-- tweaked the Sunset global lighting preset to make it less aggressively orange-red; added new Dawn global lighting preset that's a bit more yellow in color.

-- fixed: changing the coordinate properties for a point light in the map editor did not result in the light moving positions.

-- fixed: clicking a light that had moved positions would not enable you to edit its properties.

 on: January 21, 2019, 03:31:54 PM 
Started by CraigStern - Last post by CraigStern
Posted a (slightly belated) new year's update to the Telepath Tactics Kickstarter summarizing the past year's progress--and despite its length, I definitely left things out. It's satisfying to take a step back and see how much progress I've made, even if we remain some ways away from completion. :)

-- at the start the player's turn at the start of each battle, if there's no OnTurn/0 dialogue to preempt it, the game will check for a character who has deployment lines--the chosen character will then say one of their deployment lines, commenting on the coming fight.

-- added a little extra code into the character generator to prevent the game from selecting a first name that one of your existing characters already has, or that another character in that same recruitment set has.

-- generic units are now always generated with Morale of 0 by default (i.e. totally neutral, with no effect on combat performance). This can, of course, be altered later via script actions!

-- wrote a bunch of new lissit names.

-- fixed a graphical glitch in the treasure chest sprite.

-- fixed an AI bug that was causing the game to incorrectly weigh the effects of counterattacks when evaluating a move.

-- fixed a bug that was causing the game to not recognize when it had ended camp activities in a cut scene.

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