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 on: December 06, 2018, 03:20:07 PM 
Started by CraigStern - Last post by CraigStern
Spent most of today setting up some of the requisite systems to be able to sell True Messiah via the Sinister Design website! I did still get a bit of work done on the video game, though:

-- created tile data for all of the new cave tiles.

-- created a new cave "cliff fill" tile.

-- gave artist feedback on a few missing cave tile transitions.

-- fixed a bug where the map editor would not register a change in the map's "base" tileset when using a flood fill.

 on: December 05, 2018, 03:05:52 PM 
Started by CraigStern - Last post by CraigStern
-- got a new background: castle!

-- created directional variants for all of the different chunks in the Cave tileset so that they can be painted in the map editor with auto-tiling support.

 on: December 04, 2018, 03:19:47 PM 
Started by CraigStern - Last post by CraigStern
-- finished the initial draft of the Qualifier battle!

-- received new generated portrait accessories from Matt: chin hair and Ravinale necklaces! Created positional data for each new accessory for each human face shape. Turned up the incidence of one accessory in human portraits to 35%, and 2 accessories to 15%.

-- fixed a bug in which the game would still try to display "empty" skills.

-- fixed a bug in which the game would return false positives for dialogue triggers using a script ID parameter where multiple characters with different script IDs nonetheless shared the same name (e.g. multiple OnCharDeath dialogues triggered by the scriptID of particular barrels would all be triggered by the scriptID for one of them because all shared the name "Barrel").

-- fixed a bug in which the game wouldn't trigger OnCharDeath or PostCharAttacked dialogues for destructible objects.

 on: November 30, 2018, 10:21:15 AM 
Started by CraigStern - Last post by CraigStern
Here's a fun little trick for Violet with Evangelize+:

Because Evangelize+ only costs 1 belief, it can effectively pay for itself! (Just stick the new follower it gives you onto a holy space, and that new follower can then pray for something else.) It's even better if the new follower is placed onto a holy space with 1 existing follower on it--then you'll get not only that new follower, but also a second new follower from recruitment on your next turn!

 on: November 29, 2018, 02:49:03 PM 
Started by CraigStern - Last post by CraigStern
Spent pretty much all of today fixing website stuff. (The forums are now back up to date, though! Woohoo!)

-- new script action: RemoveCondition. One parameter: condition type. This will remove all conditions of the chosen type. (Battle only.)

Currently supported: remove a victory condition (Protect Char, Capture Char, and Defeat Army), and the battle will respond accordingly; remove a weather or lighting condition, and the game will reset to default weather or lighting; remove Delay Maneuvers, and all delayed armies will start moving as normal; remove Kill-All Victory, and it will be set to its default value of true.

-- new script action: AddCondition. Just type in the condition and its parameters like normal, and the game will load it! Currently supported: victory conditions (Protect Char, Capture Char, and Defeat Army), Weather conditions, Global Lighting conditions, Delay Maneuvers, and Kill-All Victory.

 on: November 29, 2018, 10:28:20 AM 
Started by CraigStern - Last post by CraigStern
What are some strategies you've discovered in True Messiah that you like to use? Share below!

I'll start us off: using Fruit of Knowledge for defense. Although Fruit of Knowledge is generally an offensive miracle (most often used for messing up enemy temples-in-progress), because nonbelievers cannot ever be on a holy space, it can also be used on your own followers to protect your holy spaces.

The next time an enemy moves up to one of your temples, try using Fruit of Knowledge to preempt the move: pray with a follower on that temple, then turn the praying follower into a nonbeliever and move it onto an adjacent space to block the attack!

 on: November 28, 2018, 01:29:43 PM 
Started by CraigStern - Last post by CraigStern
Out sick yesterday with a cold I picked up from my little sister over Thanksgiving. (Blegh.) Yesterday and today were spent largely wrestling with True Messiah stuff and site issues. Still, some new progress:

-- three new backgrounds: the mine tunnel, as well as a sandstone variation for the cave and a sunset variation for the forest.

-- received graphics for all remaining talwars.

-- the game now supports procedurally generated talwars (which are identical to regular swords in all aspects but their appearance). Agarwal's shop now sells generated talwars in lieu of swords.

 on: November 26, 2018, 03:46:44 PM 
Started by CraigStern - Last post by CraigStern
Annnnd I'm back from visiting the family for Thanksgiving!

-- gave artist feedback.

-- the dialogue editor now contains a field for editing whether dialogue trees are repeatable (i.e. whether they can be triggered more than once without reloading the scene) or not.

-- added a few new character names and nicknames to the proc gen character names list.

-- swapping a character into another character's space during deployment now resets the swapped-out character in the deployment screen.

-- fixed a bug in which the camp activity UI would start to fade in and then immediately fade back out whenever the first night activity involved character dialogue.

-- fixed a timing issue that would sometimes cause pop-ups to disappear offscreen before completing their animations in battle.

-- fixed a bug in which the text overlay showing an attack name would flicker in and out while mousing over different attack tiles.

-- fixed an annoying behavior in the dialogue editor wherein the predictive text guide for a dialogue tree's trigger would immediately show up when you clicked to edit dialogue that already had a fully formed trigger.

 on: November 21, 2018, 01:20:55 PM 
Started by CraigStern - Last post by CraigStern
-- new item type: practice staff.

-- did some more work on the tutorial battle.

-- new backgrounds: Shop and Cave!

-- fixed bugs in which the game would throw null errors when initially loading characters with empty skill progressions and inventories from XML.

 on: November 20, 2018, 04:39:50 PM 
Started by CraigStern - Last post by CraigStern
Back after spending the weekend showing True Messiah at Dreamhack; I have just today until I leave to celebrate Thanksgiving. This is just plain going to be an unproductive week, it seems!

-- camp activities now support the bg attribute, displaying an alternate cut scene background for just that activity.

-- the game no longer spawns characters with a wound level above 0 in battle.

-- the game no longer includes characters with a wound level above 0 in the deployment screen.

-- added a third parameter to the RosterToList action: an optional boolean "include wounded." By default, it is false; but if set to true, the list will include characters who have a wound level above 0.

-- when loading battles with a spawn for a specific named character, the game now checks to see if the character has appeared in battle before; and if they have, the game loads the saved version of that character instead of defaulting to recreating them from XML.

-- gave artist feedback on two backgrounds, new weapon icons, and a new battle track.

-- outlined a complex new random event.

-- fixed a bug that was sometimes causing it to "stick" when characters received wound levels from falling in battle.

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