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Bandit Cave Factions


Anyone else think it would be nice to see the members of the factions we recruit in the bandit cave?

*A marksman and a bronze golem from the Helenites
*A captain and a stone golem from the Mechanics
*A blue shadowling Healer from the Shadowling Republic
*A red shadowling from the Assassin's Cult
*Some green Wood-Folk from the Great Forest
*A black hooded Assassin from the Order of the Black Rose
*Some soldiers from the Clans.
*A couple slaver mercenaries sent by Sharif.
*An Abolitionist swordsman/archer and his spriggat buddy
*A few caped psys from Psy Academy
*Multicolored group of spriggats from the Deeper Downs


--- Quote from: flack on January 01, 2012, 11:05:13 PM ---Maybe a faction Rubat, not sure if there is going to be a faction or not.

--- End quote ---
That's what he means by "Clans," flack.

Maybe the new fractions can be put into the expanded parts of the cave such as Iblis's Lair.


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