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What are Spirits made of

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--- Quote from: Chocobo_Fan on March 24, 2012, 07:08:05 PM ---Hm. This is nitpicky, but I'm curious as to why you would think psy energy functions like a liquid when given physical form. Why not a gas? Indeed, a gas would make more sense, since spirits are described as "dissipating" when defeated. Gases are the only substances that can dissipate, really.

--- End quote ---
In fact any fluid (liquids and gases are fluids) can be dispersed in some other fluid (but not necessarily into any fluid). If the amount of one fluid is significantly smaller than the other it appears that the first fluid disappears into the other.

In that sense, the psy energy would be spread all over the place and the people (humans or not) that have psy skills can transform the psy energy to other typels of energy (producing heat or movement) and transform other types of energy into psy energy (creating cold regions or absorbing kinetic energy reducing the impact created).

Regarding spirits, if they can control the psy energy, they may choose to create solid areas in a shape of a weapon. The edge of the weapons being like ice seems reasonable, due to some spirits using cold attacks.
Under this view, some of the spirits may be more like a dense liquid, thus more susceptible to physical attacks and other spirits may be more like a less dense liquid or even a gas, thus less susceptible to physical attacks.

Everything Ertxiem said make sense, but I am a little skeptical spirit weapons being like ice.  If the ghost knight's axes were like ice, then Luca's physical resistance wouldn't work.  I think it more likely that the spirits increase their weapons' density right before they attack.  If the spirit makes the "fluid" weapon dense enought, then it becomes akin to a solid.

If you read my post again you may find that I said that "The edge of the weapons being like ice seems reasonable". So, I wasn't saying that the whole spirit would be like ice, only the edge of the weapon.

I understood what you met.  You were saying the part of the weapon that strikes enemy is like ice.  But if the edge of a weapon is like ice, then physical resistance wouldn't do anything against Rajav and Ghost Knights.

Mmm... I wasn't thinking about spirits fighting spirits... I'll have to think about it...


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