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What are Spirits made of

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I think what Ert means is that the edge is merely solidified. If we accept the hypothesis that psy energy (and by extension, spirit bodies) acts like a liquid or gas, then spirits would merely "freeze" the psy energy representing their weapons, causing the energy to solidify and allowing it to interact with physical objects. This would be functionally identical to an ordinary physical attack, not a cold-elemental attack, since the important part is something solid smacking into you, not the freezing temperature. Thus, the spirits' physical resistance would still work.

Edit: I just realized there is support for this -- ghost knights' axes seem to gleam and change somewhat right before they attack. This could represent the solidification.


--- Quote from: SteelFist on February 25, 2012, 04:41:54 PM ---His spear could be non-corporeal, but the space that it occupies becomes very, very cold (Thanks to spiritual cyro affinity), producing a physical effect.
--- End quote ---

The weapon harms spirits, as it is technically a psy cyro attack, but it is wielded at a physical weapon and causes physical damage through cold or ice. Perhaps the cold intensifies, and the gleam is moisture condensing into ice at the moment of the attack. Or perhaps it's always a spectral spear that exists in the same place as the created blade of ice; a physical and psy weapon in the same place.

Maybe the liquid that spirits are made of have a higher freezing point than water.  That means that spirit wouldn't have to make itself very cold to be solid.  If the spirit weapon isn't below below 0 C, then it won't do cyro damage.

The cyro affinity makes it likely that their attacks are cyro based.

Alternatively, the spirits could simply be pressurizing their energy (or magically solidifying it) instead of freezing it. That would produce the same effect without the cold vs. physical conundrum.

Also, I think spirits only have a cold affinity because "death is cold" is a common trope in media. It seems like affinities only affect purely energy-based powers like the Blasts, anyway.


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