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What are Spirits made of

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But spirits are energy based themselves; they'll probably be affected by their affinity.

Which would be in line with Greater Ghosts having cold resistance.


--- Quote from: SteelFist on April 04, 2012, 07:11:50 PM ---The cyro affinity makes it likely that their attacks are cyro based.
--- End quote ---
If the attacks had cyro affinity, then they would do cold damage.  If they spirits' melee attacks were considered "cyro", then Rajav's spear throw would harm Greater Ghosts.  Spirits only seem to be harmed if you attack them at a molecular level or with mental attacks.  If the spirits' melee weapons were extremely cold then they would do damage at a molecular level.

It could be that rajav's spear is just psy power and when it touches the enemy's brain thinks it is being the spear could be just psy power in the shape of a spear connected to rajav.

Nice theory. My question is: Wouldn't that make it mental damage?


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