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What are Spirits made of

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--- Quote from: SmartyPants on May 04, 2012, 03:16:18 PM ---If the spirits' melee attacks are just telekinetic attacks, then why are does strength instead of psy power determine the damage of Rajav's attack?

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Rajav does not use telekineses the spear is telekineses connected to Rajav's hand Rajav does not use it with his psy power he uses it by his hand so how much damage the spear i.e telekineses does depends on how much force Rajav applied.

It's just... the biological workings of the spirits, if they have any, seems significantly different from that of living humans to the point where I'm not 100% sure there's a direct homology or analogy for strength as it's understood in humans.

Maybe I am just dense, because I still have no idea what you guys are talking about.

Spirits aren't as tangible as other races, yet they closely resemble humans.  The spirits appear to have arms that look like human arms, and they seem to swing melee weapons the same way as humans.  Since spirits' arms look and act the same way as human muscles, it wouldn't be a stretch to think spirits have muscles somewhat similar to humans.

Nah, you're not dense. I'm the one that's not making sense. And aziz appears to be agreeing with you.

I was just having trouble getting over my basic idea that spirits are not dynamic beings, and were rather static in all but their minds with respect to their former self. That is, they could think original thoughts, and improve their ability to concentrate, but couldn't change their appearance in any way.

But if I think of them as, like The Spirit Within suggests, dynamic projections of the telepath's subconscious, then the whole matter of Rajav gaining physical strength makes more sense to me.


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