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The Holy namelesskitty:
just saw War Story and was inspired. The rules are similar but there are some changes. Along with any options provided you always have the choice to Run,wait,observe,useorinvestigate.

Death is a possibility. In the case of death the dying person cannot be revived, and the story will immediately resume with a different person.

CHECKPOINTS will always appear Glowing in red. ACTIONS wil always appear in bold. INSTRUCTIONS will always appear in italics. OBJECTS will always appear in blue.


In the unlikely but possible event of all playable characters dying the game is lost.

Now, without further ado the beginning of the story

You are practicing for a half-marathon, as you run down the sidewalk past the park you notice a pillar of light shoot into the sky from one of the buildings not too far in the distance, only about a half mile off you stop and use your cell phone to take a photo of the pillar of light. suddenly you realize that after running six miles you are quite thirsty and may want to go to a restaurant for a drink.


If you die before reaching the next checkpoint the character is resurrected at this point in time

Go to the restaraunt and ask if they have any bottled water, so you could take it with you. After that, investigate the light's source.

The Holy namelesskitty:
When you enter the restaurant you notice on the television a live broadcast of the site where the pillar of light came from. It looks like there has been a lot of damage done tho the surrounding area. You purchase a bottle of water for $1 bringing the amount of money in your wallet to $39. In the background of the broadcast on the television you see an ambulance and paramedics presumably looking for survivors in the collapsed buildings.

It takes you only about three minutes to run to the wreckage, you notice a Large Crack in the street that you might be able to Climb through to enter the sewer. It takes you only a few seconds to see which building was the source of the now vanished light. The central building seems to have been an office before it caught ablaze. There are several firefighters from the local volunteer fire dept as well as an unusually scruffy looking homeless man seeming strangely unfazed. You consider asking somebody if they saw what happened. before you can do that you hear a voice from a burning apartment building crying for help. but you also notice that the firefighters are having great trouble controlling the blaze and the building that the voice came from is not getting much attention. This makes you even more worried than the call for help.

you may use previously mentioned objects if it is logical that you still have them

Walk up to one of the firefighters, preferably one that's not actively holding one of the hoses, and point out that there's someone in the burning apartment.

The Holy namelesskitty:
that is not one of the options, let's assume the player is not that smart. good thinking though :3


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