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The Gate

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Okay, back on topic.

Did you forget the importance of lunch? It doesn't really seem that we have much of a goal any more, other than maybe to escape. And do we know how to even really approach that problem?

The Holy namelesskitty:
your goal is to stop the world that you are in being destroyed by the gods

Ah. So, the gods want to destroy this world because they don't want human magic-users, and they sealed you off in this world because they don't want any human magic-users. Huh. So, that's your long-term goal, but it's still not clear to me what your short-term goal is.

The Holy namelesskitty:
pretty much figure out how because there is no easy way to defeat a god.

you walk out into the main gathering area with your magic butterfly on your shoulder. you notice a tavern where people seem to be exchanging news. you also see many shops selling all sorts of things. food, clothing, weapons, and what appears to be magical stuff of all different sorts. There are also a couple of maps that you can inspect to get a better layout of the underground city.

OOC (I will start work on those now, may take a few hours)

(Wait, did we get into this underground city by means of the waterfall? And how many people are here? Does this realm have native inhabitants? Does everyone here have the ability to use magic?)


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