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The Holy namelesskitty:
all of that has been explained. but in short yes, about 40 total only a few families though, none mentioned yet (might exist but that's for me to know and you to find out), yes because magic has to do with the environment and the user

That helps. And yes, I sort of thought that you might have explained it, but it's really confusing when you don't use punctuation or grammar or capitalization. A few details tend to get lost here and there, ya know? So I humbly beg your pardon if I have to ask you things twice, and that you be patient with the slow folk.

Okay, we know next to nothing about these gods, and you aren't telling us much except that they're really, really powerful beings with a penchant for cruelty. I don't know where to find them, and I don't know who I can go to in order to get non-cryptic answers, because every single person I've met so far has given me shady half-answers that just give me more questions. I don't know anything about the limits of the magic my character suddenly has, either. It obviously violates the laws of conservation of energy, so I now know that I can't assume anything about the physics of this universe. Is conjuration possible?

The society around here certainly seems post-feudal, but also doesn't seem to be industrial quite yet. How about we go into metalworking and try to start building modern weaponry with which we are familiar, from our own realm? Or is everyone from our world? Let's look about us and try to get a feel for the technology of this universe, and then maybe we can try and reinvent certain things for the betterment of all, eh?

Precisely speaking, I want the character to figure out exactly what kind of economy, governmental system, agriculture, and military this small community has.

The Holy namelesskitty:
talking to people in places listed on the map may lead you to some more of an idea of what is going on here.

There's a school and a library and a town hall and a marketplace, all from forty people? Assuming a fourth of them are children of a schooling age, that's at least one teacher, at least four scientists [one for each laboratory], at least three merchants and two government officials. That's half the population right there, okay....

I can't really think that I have much business being in any of those places -- I'm not enrolled in the school, my business isn't urgent so I don't need to see a mayor or anything, I don't want to bother any scientists who are busy working, and I don't need to sleep. Maybe the market place. How about we walk on over there and ask why all the roads are curved like this -- it's pretty inefficient.

The Holy namelesskitty:
actually only like 8 are children, it's not a large school.

Don't worry it works out.

1 mayor
1 assistant
1 librarian
4 physicians
2 teachers
the rest are "researchers" you may want to look into their research


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