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The Gate

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Four physicians? That seems unbalanced. Lots of injuries? Must investigate. Two teachers? Hm. What's bought and sold at the marketplace, then? I'm there, right? What does my character see when he looks around?

The Holy namelesskitty:
you notice a tavern where people seem to be exchanging news. you also see many shops selling all sorts of things. food, clothing, weapons, and what appears to be magical stuff of all different sorts. There are also a couple of maps that you can inspect to get a better idea of the layout of the underground city.

here are sparks flying everywhere from some of the children practicing magic and knocking each other back. You notice that you are the only person with a fire butterfly on your shoulder. You decide that since it has adopted you, you really ought to name it.

Well, we could name it Krynbrand, which is Nordic-speak for "crystalline fire", or we could give it a name with Greek meaning, like Pyritka. Or just George. Unless people have serious objections to the first, I vote Krynbrand.

The Holy namelesskitty:
until such an objection is raised Krynbrand it is, now don't just stand there like an idiot, make some friends, get a job etc.

Walk into the tavern and ask the barkeep what the currency around here is. I'm kind of curious.


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