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World Domination 7: Australia [States and Territories]

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Tasmania: 70+
Coral Sea Islands: 86-
Australian Antarctic Territory: 42
New South Wales: 52

Tasmania: 70
Coral Sea Islands: 87+
Australian Antarctic Territory: 41-
New South Wales: 52

So, Duckling, you can lock this thread whenever you want to and announce the 4 winners.

Oh, are we not playing until we get it down to two?

[I mean, NSW doesn't really count, I don't think]

I suppose playing until that end would certainly take a long time, and wouldn't be very exciting.

Tasmania: 71+
Coral Sea Islands: 86-
Australian Antarctic Territory: 41
New South Wales: 52

Yeah, you're right. Okay! The three winners are the state and territories Tasmania, The Coral Sea Islands, and the Australian Antarctic Territory.

Right, mates. Hope you blokes had fun slaughterin' some 'roos.


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