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Telepath Tactics only has a single Shadowling sprite, while Telepath RPG 2 has many.  In honor of the variation of shadowlings offered in TRPG2, I created a poll to see which shadowling sprites are liked the mosted.  Feel free to comment on which sprites you picked.  >:D

My favorite Shadowling sprite has always been the Shadowling Guardian because of how cool and unique their bone masks make them look.

My second favorite is Tastidian, thanks in no small part of his cool glow.

Festus is my third simply because of how pleasing he looked to the eyes when compared to Darkling or Shadowboxer, in my humble opinion.

I must say, I agree with Duskling on all three counts. Shadowling Guardians just have a cool factor beyond all else.

Let the avatar do my speaking.

Tastidian's demonic horns, large scar, and pulsing blue just screams cool.

I picked Darkeye, because I am just a big fan of horns on shadowlings.  I wish more shadowlings had horns like Tastidian and Darkeye.  Also, the scar over one of Darkeye's eyes makes him seem like a veteran warrior.

The bandana covering half of Niven's face give the shadowlings a cool, outlaw look.


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