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So! I've been keeping a developer's log over on the TIGSource forums for quite some time now. While that's been useful to me in terms of getting the word out and getting feedback from other developers, I'd like to transition back to posting regular updates about development here on the Sinister Design forums instead.

To start with, I'll post this new video showing off the early days of character attack animations. In this video, we see the Bowman and Cryokineticist with attack animations (minus projectiles):

More attacks are on the way soon! ;)

The swordsman's melee and double strike attack animations are now in the game! More are on the way.

Meanwhile, I'm tinkering with the game's values to make the attack animations sync up better.

The Cavalier's Lance animation and Psy Healer "cast" animation are now in the game. ;)

I've finished adding a new dialog trigger into the game, OnCharAttacked. This one works just like OnCharDeath, but it triggers before an attack is launched. It specifically looks for a non-Shield attack launched by an opponent, so you shouldn't accidentally trigger it by healing a character. Good for boss taunts! I'll be adding some more variations on this in the future as needed.

Right now, I'm finishing up creating a promotional video for the Indie Megabooth. Suffice it to say that I'll be talking more about that soon. ;)


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