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Bug fixes!

* fixed a textfield error in the map editor that made it so you could only use hyphens and forward-slashes when naming the speaker (rather than allowing all numbers, letters and symbols other than hyphens and forward-slashes)
* caught a parser bug that was causing the game to ignore the sixth, seventh and eighth character attacks when characters were given more than five attacks to start with. (In local matches, this caused Engineers to lack Place Charges, Lizardmen to lack Pull and Sprint, Psy Healers to lack Solid State Shield, and Mentalists to lack Feedback.)
The installers have now been updated; update as necessary.

I've just added a hotkey for grabbing items: G. Its absence was annoying me. ;)

I implemented a proper victory splash screen today! It shows the victor's stats and final score for the battle.

Also, I added a new action called BonusPoints that lets you add or subtract points from a player's score for the battle. (Useful for optional objectives!)

The installer has been updated.

The game now allows you to change a character's name or movement type using the SetStat action. To do so, set the StatName parameter to Name or MoveType, then add a fifth parameter onto the end with the new name (with first and last name delimited by a forward slash) or movement type (land or flying).

(NOTE: It doesn't matter what you use for the operation or amount parameters when editing Name or MoveType.)


The actions menu now stays open even when characters are not selected, making Undo, End Turn and Rally easily accessible.

There is a new action: NewScene. It has just one parameter: the name of the scene to jump to.

I've also significantly updated the Telepath Tactics manual. (Among other things, it now walks you through the various aspects of modding in new character classes and destructible object classes.)


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