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The game now prevents you from saving an army as totally empty when setting up a Local Match.

I have now finished documenting every area of modding currently supported by the game.

The manual now has complete instructions covering everything from dialog to custom tilesets to creating new character animations. There's 24 pages worth of documentation in there now; check it out! :)

I've been doing a lot of corresponding with artists over the past few days.

On the coding front, I'm thinking of ways to give folks more flexibility to create non-combat scenarios. To that end, I just added in a new condition called Kill-All Victory. It has only one parameter, which can be set to either true or false. (The game has this set to true by default.) If you set this to false, this will turn off the game's built-in behavior of granting victory to a player once it detects that the battlefield is absent of any of that player's enemies.

This could be used for a battle where the player has a few turns to prepare before the enemy arrives. (This could also be important to implementing a possible future exploration mode.)

I thought this would be hard to add, but guess what? I figured out how to make a really simple exploration mode work in Telepath Tactics with just 10 minutes of tinkering. It's really darn basic, but it gets the job done.

Just like Kill-All Victory, Exploration Mode is a condition with only one parameter: true or false. Here's how you turn it on:

--- Code: ---<Condition>Exploration Mode,true</Condition>
--- End code ---

When exploration mode is turned on, it automatically turns off the Kill-All Victory setting, turns off features like undo, rotate and end turn, makes it so none of your characters lose steps while moving, and gives everyone a move range of 10. (It's kinda like this, except without the limited move range and without ending your turn on you every three seconds.)

This is going to become a lot more robust once I add in player-triggered conversations and space-dependent dialog/script triggers--but for now, it's a start. :D

Telepath Tactics has a new dialog trigger in-game: OnTalk. This lets the player trigger conversations between characters voluntarily by moving characters adjacent to each other and selecting "Talk" from the Actions Bar. (Think support conversations from Fire Emblem.)

OnTalk has only two parameters: the names of two characters. (These are the characters that can initiate the conversation by being adjacent and hitting Talk.)

The installers have been updated.


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