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I think I fixed that one; try updating to v 0.455.375. :)

That problem did go away.  I'm now on 0.455.376.

Two odd bugs.
1. With my Spearman, I targeted one of my allies with his spear attack.  When the warning about hitting an ally came up, I choose to not attack the ally, but afterward clicking the 'cancel' button to cancel the attack wouldn't work either.  I selected an enemy to continue the battle.

2. At the end of the battle, just the spearman was left.  He moved and killed the last enemy, but it stayed his turn.  When I clicked on him, the 'cannot act after attacking' text came up.  If I choose 'end turn' from the menu, nothing happened.  Also, if I clicked 'Surrender', nothing happened.  Had to Ctrl-Alt-Del to get out.

Edit: in another fight, the battle ended normally when I won.  Maybe it had to do with just having one character left on the map?

v 0.455.376

In a battle at Stonebridge, I was moving one of my units (an Archer), then hitting the button to undo it, then moving him, fairly rapidly.  For some reason, I could move through one of my allies (Crossbow, who had not acted yet), and I ended my  move on the same space as the ally.

I think this happened after the archer shot but had move left over, but I'm not 100% sure.  It didn't occur to me that it was odd to move through friendly units until after everything was done.

Once the Archer was on top of the other unit, only the Archer showed up if I clicked there.  (I had not chosen to end its action, but it had attacked and was out of move.)  I had another unit Shove, and that moved the archer such that the other unit could act.

Sorry for no screenshot; I copied some text afterwards without thinking and thus lost it from the Copy & Paste.


I played through the Kovit campaign (up until the weapon depot battle), and I'm pretty sure it wasn't collecting the item bags after combat ended.  The reason for this is that I manually collected 125 money, and that's all I had when meeting Mad Aziz (sp?).

Yeah, that's a known issue. I need to fix that. :)


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