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I don't know if this is the right place to post this but the link to download the map editor sent to backers is down. I cant download the map editor.

Hello. I downloaded 0.455.376 a couple of days ago, but sadly, whenever I reach the part where Lakshmi says, "I bet that depot is filled with supplies," the game hangs and I can't continue my turn. It's acting as if it isn't hearing my mouse clicks; I try clicking in the dialogue box to close it, but nothing happens.

EDIT: Sorry, that could have been clearer. The mission where the hangup occurs is the one in which you retake the weapons depot, but that was probably self-evident to you.

Thanks for the report; I'll look into this.

v 0.455.379

At Donut Tower, an enemy spriggat was off the tower (at the upper-right corner).  I moved my assassin next to it, and the assassin could not target it with a melee attack. 
Perhaps this is intentional due to elevation, but it seemed like a bug.

EDIT: I know a melee attack shouldn't be able to hit someone who had fallen in the water, but it seems a flyer (who could use their breath attack) should be able to be hit.  I haven't seen if a flyer could use its melee attack against someone who cannot melee against them.

Your intuition is correct. This isn't a bug, but rather a basic limitation imposed on non-flyers who attempt to use melee attacks across large elevation differences. Flyers can overcome this limitation because--well, you know--they fly. ;)


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