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Thank you for resolving the infinite loop issue in the bridge mission. I was able to finish that mission to my satisfaction the other day. At one point along the way, I actually had three enemy characters get caught by the exploding charges, which prompted the Ebon mentalists to try to telekinetically pull their comrades out of the water to no avail. (You can see this yourself in the enclosed screenshot.) Perhaps if bad guys do end up falling through the bridge when the bomb goes off, can they at least be able to swim out of the water afterwards?

In the next mission, I've attempted to get the loot that the Coria Dog Dastard is carrying, but alas, the battle ends as soon as you kill him. (I was hoping to avoid this by keeping another bad guy alive to the end of the mission, but that didn't work out either.) What are your thoughts about that?

The map display does not update when a character or object's location is changed via edit window in the Map Editor.
I think it has something to do with leaving the spritetype parameter of the character blank, but the game froze and generated 470 log files before I forced it to close after I had a character launch Dark Vortex.  Here are the log files.

Just changed the spritetype to Fencer and that fixed the issue.  The game doesn't like characters without an assigned sprite.

In multiplayer (Default mode at least) Barudit don't receive names.  From what I can tell, the CharNames file has names for race "Lizardman", but CharClasses still lists them as being of race "Lissit".


--- Quote from: bugfartboy on April 16, 2015, 08:35:00 AM ---In multiplayer (Default mode at least) Barudit don't receive names.

--- End quote ---

Thanks--I noticed that while we were playing matches at the release party last night!

I just fixed it; it'll be in the next update. (For now, if you want to fix it yourself, all you have to do is replace the two instances of Lizardman with Lissit in CharNames.xml in the multiplayer ruleset folder you're using. That should do it.)


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