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question about the editor


will the editor allow you to pick the starting positions of units on the battlefield and or edit how far they can move?

Which editor? As far as I know there are two: The map editor and the dialog editor.

The map editor allows you to specify which units start where (and what class said units are, if you choose), which direction said units are facing, what the battlefield map looks like, and what objects are on the map. How far a unit can move in a single turn is determined by the "spd" variable in "CharClasses.xml". "CharClasses.xml" is found in the Data folder in your install folder. For example, mine is located in "C:\Program Files (x86)\Telepath Tactics Public Demo\Data"

As to the dialog editor, I believe it can be used to move characters around, add and remove characters from the battlefield, trigger particle effects, trigger character animations, alter character classes and change various variables in the game.

But I haven't actually used the dialog editor. I've only played around with an early version of the map editor.


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