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King of the hill

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Well, you all know this game, and to start it off, i'll post something easy to beat. I capture the hill, and I have a army of ninjas guarding it. 

                      My Hill

I enlist the help of an army of murgos, a group of grolims and some Dagashi (Belgariad). The Dagashi assassinate you, the grolims devastate your army with sorcery and the murgos mop up the survivors. No-one escapes. MY HILL.The Dagashi become my bodyguards and I set the Murgos to guarding my hill, and the grolims become the leaders of the army and protect me and my army from sorcery.

I come back as a skeleton. I build a space station and teleport the hill into it. I kill you and your army with one blast from my photon cannon. I have an endless army of robots guarding everywhere within a 100 lightyears of my space station. I build an anti teleportation shield.

Your space station 'malfunctions' (A computer virus I sent, enjoy) and teleports the hill back down to earth, the blows up, killing you and destroying your army. I then enlist the help of the western kingdoms (Belgariad again) to guard it. And belgarath to protect it from sorcery.

I jump ontop of your head, and claim the hill to be my own.

My hill.


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