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Ducky. Could you specify where exactly the bible says "Turn the other cheek"? Or are you just assuming that it's there? And don't blame me for bringing this in here. That was you. And by punishment I meant the whole of the DHoA coming down on the thief to crush them and return the hill to it's owner.

There is no need for punishment if the deed never happened. It might not have as well have, for if the punishment were to be exacted, nothing happens to the person at the other end, other than a slight gratification in that they've done something evil. If we ignore them, that's punishment and incentive enough for them to read the rules.

And I had heard that Jesus Christ taught to turn the other cheek. If I'm wrong, then I apologize for not paying enough attention to it.

I issue a challenge upon Chrono's portion of the Hill. Please list your defenses, Chrono.

Defenses? Why would peace-loving protocol droids carry weapons? Just kidding.

Besides that, didn't I state in my ending that I was neutral?

Ah. But Ducky is non-neutral. And he's going by rules that weren't officially accepted by the council. And we all know that that's how Steelfist came into power to begin with. And a negative times a positive equals a negative. Good luck Chrono. I offer to shield you from Ducky.

Oh, sorry. I didn't hear the neutral bit. I withdraw my challenge, knowing this. Thank you for posting in accordance with Section B, Paragraph 2, Codum VI.

I hereby issue a challenge to the Hill portion of Steelfist. Please list your defenses, Steelfist.


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