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Seems like our hill has got an owner with followers. That doesen't sound too good. Now just let me catch up so I can let my first raid enter the hill... This doesen't seem to be too easy. ;)

It won't be too fun. The Steel Empire is strong.

Hmm... You've built quite an empire, my old friend, but it is time for it to fall down! My first attack will be coming anytime now! You just wait Steelfist! *continues to blabber*

Oh wait... I think I already let my teleporting killer robot bugs, that can fly and cut your throats with one slash, and pass any shield with no problems onto the hill. I am very sorry for this. I assume that you're also prepared for the little biological diesease that leaped throught your sewerage and started to kill about everyone in the hill, making it impossible to stay there without doing something about it. Sorry for my distraction I may have done with all that talking before. :D Enjoy my little raid.

As you made a small oversight (The Killer bugs are made of STEEL, smartass), the killer bugs kill you instead. I create a nano-race, who destroy your desease. The nano-race is totally loyal to me, and will guard against any desease that I do not allow within the castle.

Incidentally, there was no shield around the castle. I create one, and make it anti-teleport. And the soldiers are VERY strong: No killer bug is that good.

In any case - Steel-Fyre, Deal with him.

I am sorry, the bugs were not made of steel my friend, and I'm not saying they teleport throught the shield  :-*
They are actually made of bronze, and are rapid flyers. Teleporting is not the only way they can move fast. They have blades made of diamond, hence me having a machine that can copy any atoms in a matter of seconds. I hope you enjoy them, they are not leaving. and my disease, good work getting rid of it. Now try to save the few soldiers that didn't fall for my little trap.... :-* The steel paint I used was worth it. I actually programmed to do what you say for 2 minutes, but you know. It's hard to break into another universe, even thought being able to teleport, so they actually stayed where they were for 2 minutes and started to kill your soldiers.


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