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King of the hill

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And thus, in a true Zackirus fashion, I, as SteelFist is busy dealing with the tortoise, sneak up and collect a single sample of one of the "Hill Particles" and retreat to my home in Canada, happily drinking and offering my maple syrup once I return.

I also drink maple syrup with you.

I scour Europe for years with a hill-detector/vacuum, and manage to claim over a thousand times the amount of Hill you have, Steelfist, for myself. My hill.

Because I carried the hill for so long on my tortoise body, I retained a faint impression of how the various particles of the hill felt. Using my limited skills at particle manipulation, I begin calling the particles to me from afar. I gather them and shape them around my consciousness into the form of a humanoid. Eventually, I sneak enough particles of the hill away that I own 51% of it. From there, I set my hill-particle body adrift on a safe path through deep space. My Hill Majority!

I alter the Higgs field around the portion of the Hill I snatch from the absent Steelfist to give the Hill particles I own more mass, thus making my hill portion the majority.


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