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If you strike me down, I will become more powerful than you can possibly imagine...

Oh, well. I guess I may just have to possess one of your ninjas and wreak a little bit of havoc on your ninja group. Since I am skilled in the Jedi arts (I just finished watching Episode II), my ninja that I possess uses the force. That's my explanation.

Then, I send a photon torpedo into your hill-bunker, via a small thermal exhaust port 2 centimetres wide. I think you may or may not know what happens. And I'm pretty sure that you did the Grand Moff Tarkin thing.

Now I have charred hill bits that will reform into a hill in a post or two, after I infuse it with phoenix essence. (I wish torugo would come back. If he just changed his name, I will feel like an idiot)

And it's guarded with Geonosians. With those green orb flinger things that show up once in Episode II.

Okay. Knew what you were talking about until the very end. Nonetheless, Star Wars it is, my friend . . .

I train in the arts of the sith (I wasn't near the Hill). Become the best there is, has been, or ever will be. I take control ofthe Star Forge. Retrain the ninjas, who deal with these Geonosians. I defeat you in single combat. I rebuild the Hill, shuttle it into a space station, which is guarded by a limitless fleet. I go into hiding again. The ninjas guard the Hill, are totally loyal and almost invincible. The Hill is also guarded by hordes of well trained sith apprentices. And a guard dog, Chiztkoi, and his 'handler', the supersoldier, Volkov. Who are both totally loyal to me.

I am Starkiller. Steelfist is arrogant. I am truly the most powerful. Play The Force Unleashed I and II. I sneak behind your fleet to your space station. Then I overcome your Sith Guards using my lightsabers. Then I use an unstoppable Jedi mind trick on your ninjas, making them hack each other to little bits. And then I Force Push your guard dog an his handler into deep space by pushing them into an escape pod that we all know your station has. But not until after I leave only the launch key. Nothing else works. I then behead you double lightsaber style and Launch the hill into a space pod that I also share with it. I leave a holographic hill and Steelfist in my wake and flee to a galaxy far far away. And more specifically, the planet know as Earth. I then decide to join Zack and his 1% of the hill in Canada and offer to share. Truce, Zack?

My hill!

Nope - sorry. Pease read my post properly.

You can't sneak past the fleet.

I wasn't there.

Acually sneaking past it is quite simple. I merely arrive under the guise of a supply ship pilot.


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