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Well, that is the description from TRPG1, but as CraigStern noted later, the concepts have been altered slightly (about the mental resistances of the mind). Also, even if a person falls into a coma, if it happens over Lake Alto, they still drown, as there is nothing to support them. Also, if the person falls into a coma, why would they need Nelis to revive them? Surely there are many talented medics, Psys, who could get the person back onto his/her feet in no time (this especially applies to a Psy instiution like the Psy Academy, where satff, most likely, have extensively studies maldictions and treatments for them using the Gift as the means to cure them).

I think that the only reason Nelis revived the teammates in HQ, was because that is the gathering place for the Main and his team; I am sure she revived others as well, including civilan cases, and most likely revived them in Somnus of whereabouts, since she is located in Somnus, and given my argument above, her ability to create a body to inhabit, falls off relatively rapidly with distance.

The question about warrior revival has also been on my mind. I think that she can only revive one person at a time, and even if for her powers its not a very big deal, it still reqiures forcus from her- otherwise she could revive beings in batch-mode and there would be no need to apply for revival - which brings me to another point- methinks revival requires some time to be performed, hence with her ability to revive only one being at-a-time, and the process taking some minutes, she simply had no time to start resurrecting her slain protectors and instead resorted to other, more rudamentary techniques, like animating telekinetically ancient armor to fight the intruders, then going after them herself.

Ok, so the body is destroyed and Nelis creates the body, how do you explain Dorgon's revival?

Same as Flint's: if she knows the "soul", she can revive the body along with it. As long as the being can be classed as "sentient" or "aware", and Dorgon is quite close to the latter definition (at least, a highly advanced and interactive computer, which can evolve, since he learns a new attack technique), I think there won't be much of a problem for Nelis to revive him. The assumption here being, of course, is that Nelis can locate the departed soul/imprint of the being in the other plane (or lingering in this plane) and through the said impression, resurrect the being to its full capacity.

I don't have much time to comment on the above posts. I'll do it later if possible...

I have another thing to think about:
9. Can Nelis revive anyone or only the ones that she was in contact with? I was thinking that Nelis might need to "record" a mental impression before the person dies, in order for her to be able to reach for the soul and revive that person. And for that to happen, that person might need to be some time near Somnus at the service of the shadowlings. Or perhaps Tastidian reported to Nelis that a certain person (or golem) was preforming valuable tasks to her service.

9). That's a very interesting point, but I suspect that Nelis never met any of the teammates of the Main, especially when they died far away, like on Lake Alto, etc, hence what she needed is the person to die unwillingly, so that their spirit/soul remains partially bound to this plane for some time before dpearting, and she can find the soul and re-build the body. If the person dies willingly, then there is no reason for the impression/soul to stay in this plane, and it very quickly leaves it, so that Nelis has no "memory/impression" to work from.


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