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Revival by Nelis

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She is probably not willing, for many reasons, but then there is militaristic advantage: kill an enemy, then revive him in captivity and use involuntary scanning on him (or her).
I do suspect that there is that cause of death factor: beings overtly hostile to Nelis will leave a thought impression that will disallow Nelis from allowing them. Suicides take a slightly differnt angle, as they willingly part with the material plane, thereby not leaving anything temporarily lingering behind (and those who really struggle produce Spirits).

Well she is powerful and her age is unknown, she could revive anyone,  but she is dead now, i would like to know how they are going to revive people now ???

I think that Nelis use the same skill as luca maybe people think she is  GODDESS she could revival anyone eevn her self like luca

Luca being able to revive herself is most likely attributed to her being a spirit, and she is quoted as saying that spirits can be dissapated, but will return. Also, combine your double post.


--- Quote from: KZ on March 01, 2010, 01:19:17 PM ---
--- Quote from: im2smart4u on February 28, 2010, 02:31:29 PM ---I believe that Queen Nelis revives people the same way Luca does. Being a powerful enough psy to use multiple elements, Nelis should be able to learn Soul Suck. To get Soul Charges, she would have to kill someone with Soul Suck. If she depends on her supply of Soul Charges to resurrect the dead, then that would explain why the Queen "won't raise the dead for just anyone." She also requires the corpse of the fallen in order to revive them.  If a body is completly destroyed or it can't be recovered, the person in unable to revived.
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I completely disagree on both counts, especially in light of what I've written in my last posts in the Noctus still alive? thread with regards to the need for the body for the person to be revived.  The fact that Nelis "won't raise the dead just for anyone" indicates more that she can't be asked to waste her time for those who are not important for her plans.  The fact that Gen. Darkeye cannot die (again, speculation, including suicide, on the first page of the Noctus thread) and that fate itself, rather than Nelis, revive the Main, indicates that there is much more to it than just a body or lack thereof. Look at the attacks that kill teammates: sometimes they get killed by a Mind Blast, and that leaves essentially no marks on the body, or they can be burned by Fire Breath or sliced up by Spin Saw, yet all can be revived, though in some cases the bodies are mutilated or lost (Nelis can revive teammates who were lost over water in Lake Alto battles- and given that a lot of them die mid-battle, no teammate has time to go and collect the bodies, especially if only the Main remains alive). Then again, fate revives the Main, even if he's killed right in front of Tastidian by Flavin or Vagrant.
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The need of a body for revival is further proved when Rahel says, "I don't like this reliance on Luca. She's useful, but she can't revive us without Duvalier, and she can't do it without the body."

Bear in mind that we aren't certain that Nelis revives in the same way as Luca; it's possible that Nelis doesn't need the body, due to sheer strength or mere difference in style and ability, whereas Luca does. However, how (and why) does Luca need Duvalier to revive people?


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