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I was not thinking specifically about the main character.
Perhaps in the case of the main character, the one responsible for rewinding the time is Malignus (the Spriggat)... ;)

That's interesting... I never thought of having an actual in game reason for having saved games. hmm


--- Quote from: CraigStern on March 01, 2010, 08:22:00 PM ---Does fate revive the main character? Or does it rewind time to give him a chance at a different outcome?

--- End quote ---

What I thought about your 'fate' death screen was just that there is a set future, so any actions killing the Hero did not actually happen and your goal is to get from Point A to Point B timewise.

Interesting point about fate, I never thought of it as a time-reversal technique, but that makes a lot more sense than fate simply "reviving" the character.

5). Not sure about distance- that just might be a factor, since all we know is that each time a teammate dies, someone remains alive after the battle (sole exception being the Main). At the same time, the lack of a need for a body (can't recover corpses mid-battle over water, for instance, and we don't know what happens to Shadowling bodies when they die- do they simply expand and burst, and dissapear in a puff of smoke?) seems to indicate the lack for a need to have close proximity to resurrect a being.

6). Well, all the revived ones are found at HQ, which is not where Nelis is, and since the Main doesn't bump into them walking from the Palace (another point- no fleshling is allowed inside the palace, and several of the teammates are fleshlings), I'd assume she can place the bodies at will, but then again- is there a distance limit? Since otherwise she can kill off a platoon of Shadolwings, then resurrect them at an enemy base- and since she doesn't resort to such tactics, I think that distance on resurrecting the body just might be an issue.

7). I think we can very positively answer yes to that one, since the revived characters all remember who they are, who the Main is and who the rest of the teammates are, they don't forget any of the skills they learn and they retain the same personality. Thus, methinks they remember all up to the point of death, and then after they get resurrected (but not the time spent in-between, since that would affect them pretty significantly, and surely they'd mention it?).

Another interesting point, what about animals of beings which are not really sentient (Flint can express emotion, since that is stated in the ending of TRPG2, if Helena dies)? Can they be resurrcted? Do they have a soul (I'm thinking Tikki here)? This brings about another question? Is there a set of beings which can be resurrected by Nelis, but not by Luca?

"Health" is determined by a characters Psy Defense, the mental resistances of the mind. When a character reaches 0 "health" it means they no longer have any mental defenses, so basically the body should go into a coma. So, the body shouldn't actually be destroyed, just the mind (it helps me to think of the Matrix, where only a mental projection is harmed)

There are problems when applying my following ideas to Luca so I'm just going to focus on Nelis and say that Luca is just different.

I think Nelis' revival techniques can only work in a specified location, such as the city of Somnus. Maybe there is something in Somnus, something that amplifies her power allowing her to revive those within her city.

What has always puzzled me is, why doesn't she just revive her warriors when you attack? When you attack the citizens they are instantly revived.

that's all I have to say for now... because I can't actually formulate a way (even a ridiculously all most impossible one like with my Ramblings) for all of these details to work out..


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