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This is a really simple game and you can say something more than once. So what you do is like...

User1: The next person loves pizza

If you actually love pizza, then you'd say...

User2: True.

The next person is _________

And if you weren't, then you say False and vice versa.

I'll start:

The next person loves sandwiches.

False. Don't really love 'em, and I much prefer a nice wrap.

The next person has some strong opinions about time paradoxes in sci-fi.

True. Time paradoxes should be more consistent across a series. You can't say "Oh no a time paradox! We're all going to die from scary flying time monsters!" one episode, but say "Oh yay we made a time paradox and that starved ouy the weeping angels for us with no adverse effects!" in another.

The next person is skilled with pixel art.

Sadly, false. I've never spent the time to get good at it, and something tells me meticulous detail wouldn't really be my jam; I'm much more of a broad strokes kinda guy.

The next person's answer will be "false."

Uhh, true. I'll go true. Well that was easy. I'll be honest, I might have heard that one before, though.

The next person will be the previous person if and only if they were not the next person.


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