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Strider-only run

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Yeah, I did that in the last patch. The main issue with that battle was with the scripting, I think, rather than with Tarion's stats.

It's still possible to rush Tarion by abusing adrenaline pills and overwhelm him before he can strike back, though. Oneshotting him definitely isn't guaranteed, but most players will have gotten both steamthopters, and two-shotting him is quite feasible for a reasonably-leveled party. Maybe make the gap between his island and the main battlefield an impassible barrier, to force players to use the switches?

There's a few story breaking elements that can be fixed in a few ways:

1. Just let story-central characters who are not the striders get wounded instead of them dying so they can't fight but still contribute dialogue.

2. Create an NPC like Biff the Understudy whose sole purpose is to read out lines for people who've already died.

Also, why do adrenaline pills stack? The 40% move bonus stacks exponentially, the damage is basically nonexistent at high levels and they come in stacks of three. Having one of these and a steamthopter on a damage dealer is basically "instakill a unit anywhere on the map". +40% boost is okay for the non-repeatable sprint, though.


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