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My theory that Telepath does not take place on Earth

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It all comes down to the Pyro Blast attack. As the Pyro Blast attack is a blast of plasma, and our air in its plasmic form is usually blue or purple, but the blast is orange, Telepath must take place on a planet with a different atmosphere.,_TPA,_TSoG)

I've also had an insight into this issue lately -- there's a surprising lack of floaty shadow creatures on the real Earth. Weird.

Don't forget the scary winged fire/ice breathing things! Err, maybe. They exist in real life lore, at least. There's also vibra, which I don't think we have on Earth either. Or man - sized preying mantises (manti?) or enormous mask - wearing bug queens.

I think there's some credit to this theory! :P

dem replies though     ;)

Ah, but bugfartboy fails to consider a crucial detail that could undermind his entire argument: the plural of 'mantis' is actually 'mantes'! :O


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