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Author Topic: [Request] Have Gonif sell caffeine pills before the trip to Coria  (Read 2253 times)


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The first time I played the Coria Bridge battle, Emma ended up getting slowed so many times that she could only move if she used Sprint. Since the victory condition requires that you move her to the exit, this made the battle needlessly tedious. The only way to reverse the effects of the slowed status is caffeine pills, which the player doesn't have access to at that point (unless it's one of the consumables that can drop in the foraging mission), so the player is completely helpless against this new mechanic -- and one that is pretty punishing at that, since unlike any other status effect, the effects can stack. I think it would make sense if players could purchase caffeine pills earlier, such as the Gonif shop right before the trip to Coria, as that would allow them to better prepare for and react to the onslaught of skiakineticists. Giving Farasat an ability that negates slow, like the status-curing abilities for other psy fighters, would also accomplish this.


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Re: [Request] Have Gonif sell caffeine pills before the trip to Coria
« Reply #1 on: August 17, 2015, 02:15:42 PM »

Easy enough--consider it done. :)