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Adobe Air on Fresh Install

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I can confirm similar results to bugfatboy, having done the same.

I downloaded and played the game yesterday.  When I try to play today I am getting the error message that states Adobe air is needed.  I have reinstalled both and it isn't working.  I bought the game on Steam.

Hm. Are you all playing the game with Steam? I wonder if it's specific to that build...

Next suggestion--try running this Microsoft utility and see if that fixes it: (Adobe seems to think this'll work.)

I am having that problem with Steam after i got the latest update the Microsoft install and uninstall thing did not work for me

Okay, let's try this:

1) Uninstall Telepath Tactics.
2) Download the Adobe AIR installer.
3) Make a shortcut of the Adobe AIR installer.
4) Right-click the installer, go to properties, click on the "shortcut" tab.
5) In the "Target" field, add -uninstall to the end of the existing text.
6) Run the installer; this should uninstall AIR properly.
7) Now run the original installer to install AIR.
8) Reinstall Telepath Tactics.


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