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player phase in shop


At the shop after that bandit hideout, it decided to start player phase.
I had a whole lot of shopping done, switching back and forth between managing items and the shop. And then suddenly when clicking exit with managing items, it started player phase. Now it's just stuck on a black screen with all my units. I can click end phase, but it will simply start the next player phase.

I attached the log, hope it helps.

Huh. Weird!

Based on line 740 of the log, it looks like something called the closeInventory() function, but I'm not seeing anything indicating another function that would have done that. Is it possible that you accidentally hit the 'I' key?

Hmm, I doubt it, honestly.

Oh, and apparently I don't just have to do my shopping from the start, but the entire previous chapter... =((never mind, wrong file loaded)


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