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If you play TPA2, you can train up the Assassin to a very high level- then he can kill very powerful Shadowlings in one go, but only one at-a-time. I think that Rahel's usefullness will be more evident later on in the game, when she has all of her attacks at her disposal and she's been levelled up by quite a bit.


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--- Quote from: Presentiment on March 08, 2010, 06:27:47 PM ---You're right. What I sorta meant was give her a more powerful ability. Griffin has Double Strike and Backhander, and Arman has Stab and Mega Stab, the Main and Malis have elemental blasts (and Malis is highly mobile), and Luca and Set have powerful support abilities. Rahel is clearly meant to be a sniper, but she's has nothing that can hit hard enough to to much more than to finish or to drop an enemy's HP into the killing realm of an elemental area attack.

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Rahel can use Spit Shot and Split Shot 2.  Rahel's niche is as a Sniper. Luca's niche is a normal speeded support unit.

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If you can say that you might as well say everything has a tiny separate niche.

None of Rahel's attacks are particularly strong (unlike the Assassin), their range is good but not great. Luca is supposed to be a support unit, but to me she is just another tank like Griffin who can restore PsP in a small radius and occasionally brings teammates or enemies across barriers.


--- Quote from: Presentiment on March 11, 2010, 08:17:06 PM ---If you can say that you might as well say everything has a tiny separate niche.
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Unlike TRPG2, TSoG's classes do have their own seperate niches.

Just because their descriptions are different does not mean Rahel fits into a new niche. Your reasoning is based of the assumption your reasoning is correct.

Rahel's sniping job is done better by the Hero.

Malis is a better damaging ranged attacker.

The Hero and Malis already do Rahel's job better than she can.

Rahel's "niche" is as an archer. This "sniper" niche idea is simply ridiculous. Snipers eliminate one target far away that shows high importance, such as a commander. Rahel so far seems focused on eliminating or attacking multiple characters in hard to defend areas. She is not a sniper. Split shot goes against the very idea of a sniper.


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