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Like the Formulated Enemy Ideas thread, this one has the same purpose: to remove all the discussion and paraphernalia that lasts for pages and leave an easy and fast way for Craig to check and see what are the best ideas that were discussed, adjusted, and generally agreed upon the forum populace has come up with! The ideas posted here would've come from this thread, so if you have any thoughts on new attacks for teammates,feel free to post them there!

So, to start things off, here are two suggestions (both carried through from the old forums):

1). This idea was initially suggested by me. Let Malis have the same attacks as Darkling, so that she can be an self-reliant unit and more useful later on in the game. She's also more like Darkling, than Shadowboxer, so since he could learn it, why can't she?

2). This idea was brought up in the new forums by Ertxiem. The potential Spearman teammate seems rather limited with only 3 attacks, thus, why not give him a melee diagonal attack? This way the spearman can be very useful in having a inque attacking angle and can be used on the sides of bottlenecks.

-Right Jab

-Left Jab

Damage: same as Melee
Learn: circa Psy Power 10

Left Jab learnable 2 Psy Attack levels after the Right Jab, so that people get to appreciate the apparaeance of the second one (yes, one can cover the fielf with just one attack, but the player can expose the spearman to a backstab by an enemy unit during the next turn- same thinking as the Backhander for Griffin).

Ok, we have another attack that was generally very well recieved and wanted to be seen in-game, thus, I bring you:

- Poison Stab/Strike
Range: 1
Effect: reduce target's strength by 1 (same as Desert Scorpion's Sting)
Sidestab+Backstab effctes: same as Stab
PsP cost: 7

Range: Personal
Effect: heal caster
PsP Cost: 4

Healing: Psy Defense + Recover Level

I feel really weird posting here, but KZ is gone and its been agreed on in the Suggestion thread....

The following 3 ideas were unanimously backed by the active forumers:

Same stats as in TRPG2, but learnable at a high Psy attack level (circa 18). Useful if Grffin is to maintain his position on the team later on in the game- high difficulty curve with enemies required melee area attacks.

-Titan Shield
To balance high area, requires high cost. General sentiment is that surely Set should be a better healer overall than Duvalier, who is a bit of an all-around guy? Plus, in TRPG2 the Main could do maximum the equivalent of what the Healers could do, not better. It's good to keep the balance and have Set as THE healer to have (otherwise Duvaéier can practically do a better job than him, and be an offensive unit at the same time, and be self-sufficient with Feedback and the rest).

-Vendetta (same area as Cryo Cross, same effect as Vengeance, PsP cost- 15-18). Learnable through the Red Orb- if the Indigo Orb gives Duvalier Titan Shield as an upgrade to Big Shield, and the Main has Mind Shield upgraded to Big Shield, it is logical that the Red Orb, which upgraded Feedback into Vengeance, would upgrade Vengeance into Vendetta (this attack has also been generally very well recieved).

-Mind Shield 2
Anya and Gamblin' Jack both are able to use Mind Shield with a range of 2, so Set should be able to do the same.

Red Spriggat / Frost Spriggat
-Fire Gust / Frost Gust
Instead of firing a narrow stream of their element, Spriggats can spread their breath to attack many nearby enemies.


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