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Of the 11 loyal soldiers, who would you put on your team? Why?

I think Shadowboxer, Dorgon, Flint, and Jack are probably the best teammates. Shadowboxer has the only EAA for your team in TRPG2, and he basically massacres low HP enemies.

Dorgon is great both as a finisher and weakener, and can usually kill far away enemies before they reach you. Extremely useful.

Flint, when given all his upgrades, deals OMGWTF damage with Fire Breath, can easily attain 5 speed without sacrificing too much PsP for specials. His regular attacks pack on a whole bunch of hurt as well. A very solid teammate.

Jack is also great, because he has very high HP and Snake Eyes, which can deal ungodly damage depending on your luck.

In order, I think the teammates' usefulness is:

1. Shadowboxer
2. Dorgon
3. Flint
4. Jack
5. Darkling
6. Niven
7. Grotius
8. Helena
9. Festus (although I include him on my team because we need a healer)
10. Anya
11. Guy (altogether pretty bad teammate)

I used to use Grotius on my team before the special version came out, but I find that Dorgon and Flint are more useful than him.

Really though, I could mix n' match all of the teammates except for Guy and Anya, who are, in my opinion, the weakest teammates. Helena is basically Jack with less useful specials. (although Whirlwind is good, albeit expensive) Grotius has good damage and HP, but Dorgon and Flint outclass him.

Darkling is good for getting behind people, and Niven has some good range.

Ah, similar to who is your favourite teammate thread back in the old days!
Not an easy question, that!
Depends really on who the rest of the team are and what tactics you employ.
I'll go quickly through the list, categorize, etc.
Anya and Festus: healers. I'll go for Festus over Anya due to them having similar attacks, yet Festus having greater map coverage via his ability to fly and his greater speed.
Flint, Dorgon: golems. I'll never choose Flint, although he is fun to tinker around with, and is, in fact, the fastest unit in TRPG2 (by using his speed boost attack, he can attain speed of 13), I find he is a bit cumbersome to use and is, in general, very slow. Dorgon is also slow, but his attacks have a much higher range. So, with same mobility, but much higher range, go for Dorgon.
Gambli' Jack v Helena: melee fighters. Difficult one to call, his Snake Eyes can be pretty good, and he can heal and Recover, but Helena has this smooth all-around Whirlwind attack... Let's split it between them for now.
Guy, Grotius, Shadwoboxer: effectively Psy Fighters. Well, range-wise, Grotius loses out, as his area attack covers the least spaces. He does have high hp though. Guy loses out on mobility and inability to fly, but has Pyro Hail hitting 5 tiles. So, to a degree, Grotius and Guy are almost equal. Now, Shadowboer's attack covers 9 tiles, has same range, and he is a flying unit iwth greater speed (8) than the other two. Go Shadowboxer.
Darkling and Niven: mobile, individual assassins. Niven is a very odd Shadowling indeed, apart from his dodgy taste in food, he uses non-Psy attacks. It can be quite powerful and Trick Shot sure does the trick in some situations where all other units pass up. Both are flying units, Darkling a little faster (9 v 7), Darkling also has Shadow resistance, Niven doesn't. Darkling, however, can only learn either Feedback or Shadow Blast, meaning that in former case he is quite self-reliant, whilst in latter case he posses a good ranged powerful blast, but is quite weak in the health side. Probably Darkling edging Niven very slightly due to mobility.

Ok, I probably would go for a mobile unit, probably with a ranged attack, to sneure that I get the best field coverage. And that means it will likely be Shadowboxer.

It isn't a best teammate thread; its a best teammates thread :)

Though I would prefer the former.

10. Anya
I find that she is too slow and cannot help my units like Shadowboxer and Shadowboxer who are usually behind enemy lines. She also canít attack which thins her usage in battle (Fetus can attack as well as heal). Overall, a very strict, narrow usage character, and the only thing she has over Fetus is long shield, which is not useful in many battles.
9. Guy 
Like Anya, Guy is too slow and is a duplicate of the Main character; expect the main can use the green orb to move nine, and Vengeance which replenishes his own HP. I have never found Pryo Hail that useful, as very few enemies are ever in that position. His Pryo blast is the only thing good about him, and in my team there are little times when there is an open enemy that is two spaces away, (Grotius, Shadowboxer, and Shadowboxer mostly use their 2 spaced moves).
8. Helena
Helena is a copy of Gamblingí Jack, her Whirlwind is too expensive and when there are more then four enemies to hit with whirlwind, and they donít die, she usually dies the next turn. Fury is awesome though because it raises her attack but the battle is almost over when she has a good amount of attack, and self heal, which makes my healer have to haul his put over there and heal her.
7. Flint
I have personally never liked Flint. First, without guides of help from someone it can be very hard to get make Flint as strong as he can be. Even when you do get his upgrades some of them like Buss saw, which I never really liked. Flamethrower, which is the same as Grotius attack, but Grotius can Fly and move father (compared to Steam Engine, which only depletes him limited PsP). And the capassitator just raises his PsP (Which can help). He can be good, I know, I just donít like to use him. 
  5. Niven
We get into my Team now, I find Niven only useful as a backup unit, the rest of my Team can easily kill people while (in my team his power is the lowest) he can clean up, if need be. Although his trick shot is pretty usually for taking down bosses and letting my key attacks get in for some meat 

5. Grotius
I find Grotius to be more of a support unit, because of Shadowboxerís speed and shadow porting, he can easily take out almost any enemy, and the first of the team does thereís, I usually have Grotius go on a side mission to either A. Kill any enemy left or B. To give my people ice protection, useful, in the boat battles. I only find him as a support unit and only makes up for what my teams doesnít get (kill/damage wise). Whoever if one of My Team mates dies, usually Shadowboxer or Niven, Grotius can easily take his slot and destroy enemies as easily as them.
4. Fetus
I love Fetus, When the battle begin I can have him attack the enemies with his teammates ( I keep all three of my Psy Shadowlings at the same attack and defence) and if the battles continues for too long, I can have him switch over to healing to help my guys brave it out. He is better mobility and he can fly which makes him the best playable healer in the Telepath World.
3. Gambliní Jack
I find Jack to be one of my most important characters, not only does he have snake eyes (which when the time is right completely thrash the receiver). When you upgrade his Defence enough, he becomes a Healer! Which I find, is useful when I am taking on bosses and high H.P. enemies. He has good health and PsP, the only problem he has is his lack of Mobility.
2. Dorgon
I Really Love Dorgon, With his laser beam, no Healers and Archerís are safe, heck NONE are safe when he has the Lasers. I find that he very really has to get into the action, he as stay behind lines and shot people, which means you donít ave to improve his defence. He is the best ranges unit as he can attacks almost anywhere on the field and stay out of harmís way. The only problem is his speed, but his laser makes up for it.
1. Shadowboxer 
With Shadowboxer, I can take out almost any units and his power can overrun the enemies. What makes his so special is His Speed eight, and dark vortex, which can if put in the right places destroy many enemies. Shadowboxer is by far the greatest characters because of Dark Vortex, and his Speed!


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