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Anya or Festus

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--- Quote from: Tinkerbell on April 13, 2010, 10:44:41 PM ---The point is arguing Anya vs. Festus, and Festus trumps her in mobility and therefore damage, has slightly more HP, and a more useful resistance, and he has Big Shield, which can potentially heal three times more people than Anya's Long Shield.

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I think his point is that Festus can get to enemies more easily and thus can deal more damage during a battle than Anya, not that Festus' attack deals more damage.

Personaly, they are both good.

Festus is fast, can heal himself, and has big shield.  I voted for him.  However, there is another senerio in which Anya is just as useful.

Mission 6.  Anya (using mind/long shield) can heal the fighters withough worrying about being caught in the breath attacks (except the dark ones, there breath reaches 3 squares.)

Welcome to the forum, Purplemandown! Follow the rules and enjoy your stay! Now, thank you for stating that they are both useful, because they are, and for explaining the scenarios! Though, it has been settled that they are both useful in their own way already, thank you for reminding us.


--- Quote from: KZ on July 06, 2010, 02:45:47 PM ---Festus does not trump Anya in damage, I believe- they heal and attack for the same amount.

As mentioned earlier, this really boils down to personal preferences for a few pros for Anya (e.g. Light Resistance, useful in battle against Nelis and pre-Nelis battle), over quite a few for Festus.

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Thats what I think.

I just use both...

Use Anya for healing guys with range attacks and Festus for healing melee guys.

What's wrong with playing it safe?  :)


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